Wow! Only 4 and 1/2 months to go!

Time rushes by! We all know that!

It has been a busy few weeks since our last newsletter and that means that things keep happening.

We are working, as always, on trying to find a key name sponsor for our ride. Every day brings this sponsor closer to us. Our network will also help in this process and the fact that our 1965Ride network continues to grow and become more and more enthusiastic obviously helps this process.

I often am asked, ”So how many people are riding in 2013?”

This is such a simple question but from experience if we were to add in all the people who have said they are riding it would be an overwhelmingly impressive number. However, we also know from experience that the actual final numbers end up generally being a more modest number.

It looks likely that we will have around 20 people in 2013. Maybe more. It is clear that next year we will have to split the groups in terms of speed. Probably two groups – a speedy group and a less speedy group.

Fortunately it seems certain that we will have more than adequate support and so this will not constitute a problem. Our only challenge will be to ensure that we have adequate emergency medical cover for the two groups. We are working on that.
There is no doubt that we will have a significant contingent coming up from Queenstown to do the downhill ride back to their hometown and the numbers in JHB seem to be growing all the time. There is plenty of room on the road and so we look forward to you all joining in to make the 2013 version a real jamboree of an excursion.

We have given our new trailer a run and it works well. It is currently back at Jurgens for some modifications and then we will really be set and good to go.

The walk is shaping up nicely. It will be centred in Queenstown and we are so grateful to Alasdair McDonald for this initiative which allows so many more people to be part of this great adventure.

If you’re interested in joining us, the registration form is on our FB page.

Come and ride/walk with us.

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