We are ready!

We had our last 1965Ride organising group meeting last night and it looks as though all is in shape for the epic to Queenstown starting next Thursday at 07:30 at Heidelberg airfield on the JHB fringes.

The walkers get going over the weekend and the East London cyclists the following Tuesday (17 April).

It seems all is organised so a big thank you to Jen and Ashley who really do the bulk of the work. And then also to Leon and Rodger who laboured valiantly to get groups coming from Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. To Marlene who has done a Herculean job in getting the East London route opened up. To Alasdair for the idea and the organising of the walkers – what a great innovation! To John and Pete and Ryan and Brenda and Mike and Marc and countless others who have helped to get us this far and prepare us properly for the ride. A BIG BIG THANKS!

Vehicles are confirmed,  branding organised, and the Cyclelab cycle trailer is ready and waiting.

Finally in this mail thanks to all of you out there who in one way or another have given us energy for what we are trying to do – give a quality education to thousands of kids who would not have the chance otherwise. Can there be anything better than that?!

Come and ride with us!

Take care


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