The long and winding road is calling

Two days before we make real friends with our saddles and the long and winding road.

I thought it a good idea to use this space to remind ourselves and all our friends and supporters why we are really doing this great ride.

It is not about the ride, really. It is about this random, radical act of compassion and care. It is our way of making a meaningful sacrifice to make a difference to those who may have lost hope of a better future. In South Africa a better future is all about education. Helen Zille has talked about educational refugees. She was not popular for saying what she said but the fact of the matter is that in the Eastern Cape unless you are lucky to go to a school like Queen’s College or Queenstown Girls High School your chances of a half-way decent education are extremely limited.

I spent the bulk of Friday in church. It was a traditional Good Friday service conducted by the Bishop of Johannesburg, Bishop Brian Germond. He described brilliantly the excruciating but inspirational journey that Christ took to make the ultimate sacrifice of compassion to create the value systems that many of us try to live our lives by.

I am not suggesting for a second that what we are doing compares in any way. But I do believe that everyone has in them at least one completely radical act of compassion in their lifetime; one that will require personal sacrifice.

For the people doing this 1965Ride they have all had to give up something. For those who are self-employed it is at least half a month’s income; for those employed by others it means sacrificing precious annual leave; for all the riders it is the pain of asking others to support and sponsor you financially. These riders are not doing it for themselves. They are doing it because they know that this radical act of compassion has the capacity to change the lives of many.

This is a sacrifice worth supporting.

You will find the sponsors form elsewhere on our blog page. Please dig deep. And it is not so painful because in South Africa and in the USA you will receive tax redemption for your spontaneous act of kindness.

I hope you had a blessed Easter and think of us as we make our last minute preparations for the 850 kilometres that lie ahead for those riding from JHB to Queenstown. We will comment later on the cyclists coming from East London and the walkers who start next weekend.

There is not much left to do now – collect the support vehicles, the Olympic torch  and sponsored gear and product from Biogen who are great supporters of our efforts, enjoy the farewell function on the 11th and then get to Heidelberg airfield on Thursday morning at 07:00!

Come and ride with us!

Take care


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