The countdown to Queenstown is in full swing

It has been a busy few weeks. And last week I was in the bush conducting a leadership trail. It was great and an important break away from the daily rush. It also gave me time to reflect on our cycle tour for this year.

It looks like we will have somewhere around 20 cyclists who will ride most of the routes they have chosen. And then there will be countless others whoare  planning to ride the last leg or two with us.

 This is wonderful growth over the 2011 version – 5 people rode the whole distance with two others joining us for a large portion of the route. We can be very pleased with the growth in numbers. The real test will be to see how our revenue grows so that we can fund more worthy young people in their ambition to have a quality education. This is at the heart of the initiative:To turn Queenstown into a centre of educational excellence!

That is why what we do is so important. That is why we have been noticed by LeadSA and why sponsors are happy to put their resources to use to assist us.

What we are doing can only grow.

We have only 16 days before the ride south (and north) starts. 16 days to raise some more and bigger sponsors. 16 days to put the final touches to our plans.

15 days to the send off function organised for us by the Queen’s College Old Boys Foundation Branch in Johannesburg. It will take place at the Rivonia Sports Club at 18:00 on the 11th April. At the function the Olympic flame will be lit and handed to the cyclists to take to Queenstown as a symbolic returning  from Johannesburg where the QC Old Boys Association was started 100 years ago. The oldest alumnus association of any school in the South Africa!

We continue to be blessed by the generosity of all sorts of people.

We now have Mike and Bren Satttary operating Support Vehicle One and Ryan Crossley, a fully trained paramedic operating Support Vehicle A.  Mike Dovey of McCarthy Ford and Mazda Pretoria East are supplying a Ford Ranger for the Sattarys and Bruce Pitt of GM is providing Ryan with an Isuzu Double Cab in which to perform his duties. We are so grateful to all concerned.

All the accommodation is booked and awaiting our arrival.

Alasdair MacDonald and his walking team are fully geared up for their walking tour that is going to form an integral and very important part of the 1965Ride initiative. We are thrilled that they are in and that we will have their company along the way, if only before and after a day in the saddle.

One of our keen supporters and someone that rode the last leg with us last year, Jan Boy, had a terrible cycling accident and is in hospital recovering from the accident and the corrective surgery that was necessary to put her together again. We are thinking of her and Mike Boy, her husband and Deputy Head of Queen’s College.

Other good news is that the first GHS girl to sponsor the ride has done so and opened up the way for the many thousands of Old Girls to follow in her footsteps. Thank you, Yoni Titi you have broken the ice and shown the way for us to work together to turn Queenstown into a centre of educational excellence!

As usual there will be all the last minute things to be done and issues to be dealt with but with the goodwill we have working with us we can only win!

Come and ride with us!

Sponsors always welcome!


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