Sun and Potholes

Day 6, 13 April, Wepener to Zastron, 67km

We left Wepener after a sumptuous breakfast this morning on a good road which left us in a false sense of security, until we entered Zastron to encounter the worst “roads”. Check out the picture.

Pothole at the entrance to Zastron
Pothole at the entrance to Zastron

We have had the privilege of being a small part of a group of giants who are cycling for the upliftment of education in Queenstown.

We haven’t had much of an opportunity to admire sights of the pink and white cosmos, or the majestic golden sandstone of the Maluti mountain range. Driving at slow speeds all that we see are the bums of the riders in front of us. We being connoisseurs of bums, there are a number of sights for sore eyes.

At this stage we have driven our support vehicles at an average speed of 27Km/h for 630 km. Only 220 km to go. Quite mind-numbing.
The energy supply for the cyclists is a vast quantity of bananas, Jen’s fruit cake, Debs’ condensed milk biscuits, and rusks washed down with copious amounts of liquid refreshments.

We haven’t seen the gymnastics of past years but we were fortunate enough to watch Louis conducting an interview without having switched his microphone on. We hold hope that a gold medal performance is yet to come.

We salute Dini who hadn’t ridden a bike since leaving school and he hasn’t missed a pedal stroke on the ride. All the other cyclists we salute you. Well done and good luck for the final push to the Rec.

Yours in support

John, Mike and Peter

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