We are so grateful to our wonderful sponsors of the 1965Ride Cycle Tour for Education who have given R10,000 or more. Many, many more people and companies have donated money, time, goods and services.

  • Alderson Ambulance
  • Barker Insurance Brokers
  • BDO South Africa
  • Broadacres SuperSpar
  • Chanelle Houston & Associates
  • Carolyn Gould
  • DJA Aviation Insurance
  • Fresenius Kabi SA
  • Hollard Insurance
  • Life Hospital Fourways
  • Life Hospital Queenstown
  • Life Hospital Rose Park Bloemfontein
  • Life Hospital Suikerbosrand
  • Sirocco Strategy Management

Here is an easy way to support Education

In about 40 days a contingent of cyclists will be heading to Queenstown. This is an annual event and in 7 years the 1965Ride has been able to award more than 50 bursary years at Queenstown schools.

The 1965Ride Committee would love to raise much more than this but it needs your help!

This is a relatively easy way of raising money. The way to do this is to activate your network. Please put the 1965Ride on your website, inform your community and put the 1965Ride Committee in touch with anyone who believes in transforming education and is a position to do so. Companies need BBBEE points. The 1965Ride through the Education Endowment Fund which manages all the money raised is able to issue Tax Redemption Certificates in terms of section 18a of the Tax Act.

Cyclists nominate who should benefit from this sponsorship. This money is banked directly into the bank account of the Education Endowment Fund  npc (EEF). This Fund is managed by an independent Board. The Founding Documents of this Fund predicate that funds raised in this way will flow via bursaries to the schools nominated.

The 1965Ride Committee has requested that these bursaries be adjudicated by the Queenstown Education Foundation (QEF) Bursary Committee because this Committee has representatives of all the schools on it and are in the perfect position to ensure that fairness and consistency of quality is applied. The QEF Bursary Committee makes its recommendations to the EEF Board who will have earlier indicated to all concerned what monies are available and for which schools. It is very unlikely that the EEF Board will veto the recommendations of the QEF Bursary Committee and if this does happen it will no doubt give very clear reasons for doing so

When you engage your community please make sure that they understand that no amount is too small and obviously no amount is too big. The more the merrier. Every cent counts.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist.

If you’d like to sponsor the 1965Ride, please  call Tony Frost on 083 325 0922 or email him on tony@1965ride.co.za for a discussion on how you can be involved.