Sponsor a Bursary

Although we don’t have an “entry fee” as such, each cyclist is encouraged to raise a minimum of R30 000 to participate in the 1965Ride.  This can be raised through lump sum donations and/or sponsorship per km cycled.

When the minimum has been raised, the food and accommodation for the tour is covered. If the R30 000 is not achieved, a pro rata portion of the expenses are recovered from the cyclist.

If you would like to know more, please contact Tony on tony@1965ride.co.za


2 thoughts on “Sponsor a Bursary

  1. Hey Team Neil Neilson here hope you get this. Hope you all have the best ride and most amazing time out there. I will be following your every move as best as possible so for today enjoy the ride and watch out for cow’s and Mine Shafts (Potholes) Debz and i wish we were there.

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