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So, on Sunday morning, here I am, in the park playing cricket with my grandkids, ages 3-16. I am the bowler, the batsman, the captain and I make the rules. First rule: 1 bounce, 1 hand, you out!

I take a 20 metre run up and bowl a perfect Yorker to Josh. Josh drives an uppish stroke into the covers. One bounce.  I spring to the left off my right foot and a gunshot goes off – BANG – Dorry falls to the ground. Ouch, my Achilles tendon snapped! Panic and MYHWM! My first thought – I am going to miss the cycle ride to Queenstown. Oh my word, how am I going to use this as an excuse to Tony Frost?

Into hospital the next day.  Successful operation and now I have to psychologically motivate myself for 3 months of rehab on one leg! Uh oh!

Here’s wishing the riders the best of luck for the rest of the ride. Enjoy the spirit and camaraderie which I so enjoyed last year.

Dorry will be back in the saddle in 2018

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