Queen’s College shines at KES Festival of Sport

I spent the early morning of the last three days watching the Queen’s College First hockey x1 playing at the KES festival of sport. We can be really proud of this young team. They have immense potential and as they mature they will become a little more ruthless in their execution but they thumped St. Albans and were extremely unlucky to lose by the narrowest of margins to Hilton and St. Benedict’s. In these two latter games they completely dominated but just did not manage to convert dominance into victory.

Oh well the rigours, disappointments and lessons of sport!

We have just two days to go now. They will no doubt be somewhat frenetic days what with collecting support vehicles from our great sponsors McCarthy Ford and Mazda and Imperial GM. And a big thanks again to Barker Insurance Brokers for taking care of the Insurance on these vehicles without which we would be lost.

One of the reasons why I mentioned the hockey is that standing there watching with Old Queenians I was reminded that Old Boys of this great old school scatter themselves around the countryside and that we should give some estimated times at which we will pass the various towns en route so that those who are interested can come give us a shout or two!.

So her are our estimates. But please watch the daily blog and follow us on Twitter for updates:

April 12:

Depart   Heidelberg airfield in the company of the Harley Owners Group   07:30

Oranjeville                11:30

Frankfort                   15:30


April 13:

Depart Frankfort       08:00

Bethlehem                     14:30


April 14:

Depart  Bethlehem  08:00

Clarens                         09:30

Fouriesburg                11:00

Ficksburg                     13:00


April 15:

Depart Ficksburg   09:00

Clocolan                        11:30

Lady brand                    14:00


April 16:

Depart Lady brand   09:00

Hobhouse                      10:00

Wepener                         14:00


April 17:

Depart Wepener  08:00

Zastron                            11:30

Rouxville                          13:00

Aliwal North                  15:00


April 18:

Depart   Aliwal North  08:00

Jamestown                    11:30

Hazelmere                     14:00


April 19:

Depart Hazelmere  09:30

Queenstown                 13:00

Please come and support us. We would welcome a cup of coffee and a rusk or similar along the way. John Ralph is determined not to lose any weight so any help provided along the way will be most gratefully received!

We will Tweet regularly so you can follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on arrival times and progress. Our Twitter address is @1965Ride.  The Facebook page: ridethe1965ride, will also be a good source of information; and our daily blog which will be posted daily from now on is http://www.ridethe1965ride.wordpress.com/

We would love to see you along the way and to receive your messages of support using whatever medium you wish.

Remember it is not really about the ride. It is really about changing lives through quality education!

Come and ride with us!

Take care



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