We’re so pleased to have Pfizer South Africa commit to the sponsorship of its third 1965Ride in 2015.

Says Brian Daniel, Pfizer country manager for South Africa, “Next year will be the third ride that we will be sponsoring. Our commitment in the past two years has grown and it’s due to the solid business plan presented to us as well as the passion displayed by the organisers of the 1965Ride. When the organisers themselves do the work, i.e. actually ride the 850km from Jozi to Queenstown, you can’t go wrong.

“Cycling is not our focus but the 1965Ride’s emphasis on education fits Pfizer’s CSI objectives.”

When asked whether Pfizer has its own cycling team, Brian’s response was that there are a number of keen cyclists within the company who formally get together to participate in events such as the annual Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge.

We know that Brian is a keen cyclist and we look forward to him (and perhaps his colleagues) taking some time off to experience the amazing camaraderie of the journey on a bicycle from Jozi to Queenstown one day.

Thanks to Jen Wilson who made the original contact with Pfizer, and who is responsible for the growth of this sponsorship.

Thank you again to Pfizer and particularly, Brian, for the commitment and belief in our 1965Ride that is truly making a difference in children’s lives on a daily basis.

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