Only 72 days to go!

We have only 72 days left until we gather in Heidelberg to start our annual tour to Queenstown to raise funds as our contribution to transforming Queenstown into a centre of educational excellence.

But………just a reminder!

It will not only be those riding on bicycles to Queenstown but also a gallant crew of walkers whowill be using Queenstown as a base to walk 100 sponsored kilometres for the same cause. Please spread the message as far and as wide as you can. Our aim is to turn Queenstown into an education destination – from Pre-School to PH.D. and for this we need all the help we can get!

There are a number of ways in which you can help. – you can sponsor a cyclist or a walker (we have cyclists who need sponsorship). You can sponsor one of the legs of the tour or the walk; you can become involved in helping us to achieve the broader aim of engaging the education and stakeholder community to assist in achieving the objectives we have outlined above. There is so much to be done.

Of immediate concern is the procuring of a medic to take of medical emergencies along the route to Queenstown.

It is difficult to say at this stage exactly how many cyclists we will have – within limits the more the merrier. Tell everyone.

We had a great ride on Saturday morning and the there is no doubt that the enthusiasm is growing by the day for the adventure.

We have a super crew coming to join us from Queenstown – special mention must be made of the Raasch brothers, Greg Baxter, Clint le Roux and Leon Annandale. This is the nucleus of the Queenstown team and we look forward to them joining us a day or two before our departure from JHB. Leon Annandale has been doing an outstanding job of rustling up support and, who knows, we might still land a couple of big sponsors through his efforts.

Then there is Rodger Webb coming from Port Elizabeth and Leon Jacobs and Hayden Wroughton coming from Cape Town. Of course we still hope to wrestle some cyclists out of KZN to join us so please put us in contact with anyone you may know who would love an adventure of a lifetime.

The important thing is to engage and be part of an extraordinary lifetime experience!

Come and ride with us!

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