Only 29 days to go to 2013 edition of the @1965Ride

What a week this was!

We had the Life HealthCare Group confirming their sponsorship for our start and not only that, but about 12 staff members and associates of Life Hospital Suikerbosrand would be joining the ride for the first leg! This is just such an exciting development. It has long been our dream to get each leg sponsored and congratulations and thanks to the Life HealthCare team at the Hospital Suikerbosrand, Heidelberg for taking this great step. We, of course, hope and pray that this will become part of the tradition of the 1965Ride – to start at the Life Hospital in Heidelberg and have members of the Life Hospital community cycling with us and to have them as our partners for that first leg, and to finish with the members of the Life Hospital Queenstown welcoming us home! The welcome home by the Queenstown Life team has already become a tradition which we greatly value. Now the other bit has fallen into place

What makes this step particularly special is that we have the Life HealthCare Hospital Queenstown as our sponsors and partners for the last leg since the inception of the ride in 2011. They have also always helped to ensure that we have all the right emergency gear we need for ”just in case”!

So……. A very big thank you to the teams from both of these Hospitals!

Secondly we saw in amazing action this week in Queenstown which emphasised why what we are doing is so important.

Students from Grades 7, 10, 11 and 12 from Queen’s College, GHS and Hangklip were together in workshops facilitated by the Queen’s College Foundation and run by one of the world experts in futures thinking for teenagers. They came together to consider their collective futures and think about the scenarios that their futures would confront them with. In addition to this they identified critical themes which needed to be addressed and they commenced a process of thinking through how this could be done. The next step is to link them with students in Holland (initially) to work on these vexed questions together. The Grade 7 workshops were a world first for children of this age group. It was also a historic occasion to have students from Queen’s, Hangklip and GHS together in a workshop of this nature focussed on solving issues together.

To sit in those workshops was such a privilege and certainly provided new energy for what we are doing with the 1965Ride/Walk and certainty that our contribution will make a material difference to this generation of Queenstown kids and equip them better to deal with the future that they will have to deal with. One came away from the workshops knowing that one had seen future leaders of our country in action. Rudolf Kampers, the Dutch expert who ran the workshops, commented that the Queenstown kids were at least on a par with the kids of the elite school at which he teaches in Holland. Given the fact that Holland is ranked as the best education system in the world this is praise indeed!

Additional great news as far as the ride is concerned is confirmation of two additional substantial sponsorships. One raised by Rodger Webb and one by Jen Wilson. Jen’s in particular is a biggie: R30000 and some additional bits and pieces from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Well done to both of you and many thanks to the sponsors for their generosity!

There is still time to join the ride – there is still space on the road; and certainly time to pull in the sponsors. Wouldn’t be great if we could crack the R1 million mark this year!

Come and ride with us!

And if you can’t or won’t ride, there is always the Walk. Based and centered on Queenstown these 5 consecutive walks will give you a great perspective of the town and a fabulous opportunity to make new friends and cement old ones!

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