One one week to the start of the 1965Ride!

Great news! We have Ryan Crosley providing emergency medical cover again. He was finally able to confirm today that he was in and all fired up for the journey to Queenstown.

We are very relieved at this news because it means one more box ticked and at this late stage we were beginning to worry somewhat about this aspect.

We are not 100% out of the woods yet as we still need one more support vehicle driver. So if anyone out there would like to join us on the adventure that creates hope for talented young people and their communities, please be in touch with us.

So just about all is in place for our 2013 ride to Queenstown. We have a great bunch of cyclists, an excellent support team (big thanks to the Chevrolet Ute Force) and an outstanding array of sponsors and supporters for our cause..

All that needs to happen now is for the big day to arrive.

It is only 7 days away – one week!

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