Newsletter 5: Reasons to celebrate!

It was a great day for riding in the Cradle on Saturday and the excellent team that left from Bishops Ridge at 07:00 revelled in the cool crisp air and the perfect riding conditions.

And we had things to celebrate.

Ø  The delivery of our BEAUTIFUL JURGENS trailer! Our celebration comes with a very big thank you to Bruce Pitt who facilitated it, Keith Laing from Jurgens who actually made the decision that we have a cause worth supporting and Yolandi le Roux who made sure that it was delivered safely to us. Thank you so much to all of you!

Ø  Then we felt we should mention that we had a guy riding with us who I didn’t recognise from last year. It is amazing how much progress Pete Gerber has made. A year ago we would have taken an half hour longer to do the same distance that we did today. Well done Pete! Keep it up and keep going. I guess that Colonel Gravity Brendan Raasch had better be training!

Ø  We had some new faces to celebrate today as well! Welcome back to Michael Bradfield and a big first time welcome to Clive and Annel! It was great to have you along.

Then just a reminder to everyone that we have only five short months before we head out down the long and winding road to Queenstown. Get those wheels spinning folks!

Our first real waypoint is the OFM Classic on the 4th November. It would be great if some of the Queenstown contingent were to join us there. Wear your QC kit guys.

And then two weeks later we will be cruising the 94.7 in DAWN gear and under the auspices of the support of the fabulous group of DAWN companies and their amazing people.

Please remember that the reason that we ride the 1965Ride is to give poor kids the chance of a lifetime. The more of us that ride, the more money we raise the better for everyone including our incredible country. Let’s just do it!

Come ride with us


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