Newsletter 41: nearly there

With an event like the 1965Ride you reach a stage when you know that there is not much more that one can do to grow the numbers, improve the experience, increase the safety or make it more fun. When you reach this stage all you want to do is to start riding!

But as with all good things in life a little waiting is inevitable!

The QC Old Boys Association Foundation Branch which is the branch that initiated the Old Boys Association 100 years ago is giving the JHB contingent a send –off on the evening of 11th April at the Rivonia Sports Club and all of you who may be interested will be welcome to come to the short ceremony and the hand-over of kit.

Talking of kit thanks to our great sponsors we will be able to hand each rider sponsored gear which hopefully will help to keep them comfortable and provide them with wonderful and unique memories of the event. Of course, it is also a great way to showcase our sponsors so thanks to all of them for their support and contribution. You can view their contribution and logos on our Facebook page at Ridethe1965Ride.

The door is not closed on sponsors and donors. Indeed we are still hard at work trying to show sponsors what we are doing and why their contribution is so important.

Jen, Ashley, Andrew, Pete, Al, and I rode the Cradle this morning. The conditions were idyllic although a little nippy to start with.  Al asked me what each rider needed to think about bringing with them by way of gear. John Ralph gave a really exhaustive list and so, rather than re-iterate that, here is what we will have in the support vehicles apart from the kit and rain jackets that have been sponsored and will be handed over on the 11th:

  • Spare tyres
  • Spare tubes
  • Air bombs
  • Medical gear (We have a fully trained paramedic accompanying us)
  • Extra water bottles
  • Extra water
  • Endurance supplements and energy bars courtesy of Biogen
  • Peanut butter sarmies for Ash and others who may get a little hungry

If you think of anything that you think we should bring to make the journey better, safer, more fun just let us know and we really will try to achieve whatever it is you are asking for.

Now onto the East London crew. They start from the Beacon Bay Life Hospital and so if you are in the East London area please go and give them a really warm send-off.  This is a great opportunity to thank Marlene Stals for her amazing enthusiasm and dedication for getting this route up and rolling! You are an absolute star! You can contact her on: 07114058375

Then, of course, not to be outdone is Alasdair MacDonald and his intrepid walkers who have laid out an amazing route through the Malutis and Stormberg Mountains. At times they will be with us cyclists (mostly in the evenings) and at other times they will be exploring the foot routes through these stunningly beautiful mountain rangers. Big thanks to Al for initiating this absolutely lovely and innovative way of extending the 1965Ride initiative!  You can contact Alasdair on: 0825518375

We will all finish together on the Queenstown REC at 13:00.  It would be great if as many of you as possible could be there to welcome all those who have given so much so willingly for the benefit of those who will benefit most – the kids of today, the leaders of the future!

Come and ride with us!

Take care


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