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A 1965 Ride blog post from Louis B.

This blog post is not about the day’s final ride but of my thoughts in general.

I don’t ride a bike at all on this trip from Johannesburg to Queenstown. I sit in a Chevrolet Ute Bakkie watching 20 cyclists riding for a cause.

My experience is through the lens. I am the cameraman. I see what no one else sees. My duty is to showcase and somehow tell the story of what it is like to ride a bicycle for a cause. Sometimes I am on the back of the Ute sometimes I am half way up a rock face to get a different perspective.

I have seen friendships formed. I have seen demons conquered. I have seen, smelt, heard, felt what it is like to ride through South Africa. All the while filming and documenting the ride for the viewers, loved ones, sponsors to see. Documenting the cause.

For me riding into the Rec with all the schools represented was amazing and testament to what Tony Frost has started. I ran around like a blue ass fly trying to cover all the angles with my camera and hopefully have done the occasion justice. The singing and the celebrations made it all worth while.

I love what I do. It is not a job for me. So coming to the end of this trip after being part of the final day is, naturally, filled with mixed emotions. I am sad that it is over. I witnessed hugs between the riders and tears flowing freely after the ride. The relief and the joy of a mission accomplished. To all the riders I tip my hat to you and even though I don’t know you, I am very proud of you.

Thank you.

Louis Bolton, cinematographer

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