Message from The Founder 31 Dec 2018

It is the Time to Contemplate 2019

Some 3000 years ago this important message was sent out into the world and it is just as fresh and germane today as it was then:” A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”. Proverbs 17.22. It would be good to keep this idea front and central as you ponder your approach to the year ahead and to our cycle tour to Queenstown for Education in April.

Ours is a serious initiative but that doesn’t mean that we cannot have fun doing the tour! 8 tours before ours have had tremendous fun and have done plenty of good doing so.

We plan for the 2019 tour to be the same or better. It all depends on you. So why not make the tour your behavioral symbol for 2019. Approach the tour in the same way you mean to approach the year:

  • Be grateful
  • Have an open heart
  • Be generous
  • Think of those around you before you think of yourself
  • Have fun
  • Do good
  • Work hard at being the best you can be
  • Don’t do handouts… hand-ups!

With just a little more than 3 months to go it is time to get serious about your training and about raising sponsorships. The R30000 should be your minimum. Set you bar high, much higher than the bare minimum. This way we will make the 2019 1965Ride cycle tour the benchmark for all tours to come.

Have a blast in 2019; work hard; do good; make the world a better place for you having lived in it!

Tony Frost