This year will mark Bruce’s 2nd 1965Ride challenge.

1) What motivated you to cycle from Johannesburg to Queenstown?
I always try and get involved with causes that can benefit someone who has not had the same advantages that I may have had. So, when I can do this for someone while participating in something that I really enjoy, what more do you need as motivation?

2) What is your favourite place to ride?
I prefer mountain biking so the farms and areas around Queenstown are perfect. One does not realise what is out there until you get on your bike and start exploring.

3) How do you train?
We have an awesome group that cycles 30km every morning and then we squeeze
in longer ones on the weekends: normally a 70 – 85 km ride.

4) What is your best memory from last year’s ride?
The camaraderie of the group and just seeing how different people from different backgrounds can pull together when working towards a common goal.

5) What advice would you give to a new cyclist riding this year?
Get some training in, accumulate a few tubs of shammy cream (ask Owen Dicks for advice on how to apply it) and I can give you my word when April arrives you will have a ball.

6) What gets you out of bed in the morning?
The perfect Queenstown mornings, the crowd I cycle with and my alarm clock.

We look forward to cycling with you again this year, Bruce!

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