This is the first in our series of  “Meet our Cyclists”. We interviewed Rodger Webb, who did his first 1965Ride in 2013. Rodger has had two knee replacements and two back operations over the years, but he was our star cyclist.

Q. How long have you been cycling?

A. After quitting road running in the late 1990s, having done 6 Comrades, 6 Two Oceans, 6 Rhodes Ultras, 2 Settler’s Marathons and 1 Arthur Creswel, a whole bunch of standard marathons and countless half marathons I lost interest in the exercise. Unable to just vegetate I took up cycling, though not too seriously and together with my daughter completed 6 Argus Cycle Tours, several Herald Tours and 2 Knysna Cycle races. I lost my riding partner when she completed her varsity and moved to Johannesburg. Since 2005 my old “farm bike” lay dormant in the garage until Tony sparked my interest with the second edition of the 1965Ride. Unfortunately I was unable to raise the required sponsorship in the remaining 3 months but set about gathering support for the 2013 edition. The rest is as they say, “history”!

Q. What are your favourite cycling snacks?

A. I am not a great snacker when cycling. I can’t stand gooies and most energy bars taste like putty. But Jen Ralph’s fruit cake is a must!

Q. Where, in your opinion, in the best place to cycle?

A. Early morning along the Marine Drive between Summerstrand and Schoenmakkerkop (PE) before either the easterly or westerly wind has come up and there is little traffic. The sea views are fantastic – often dotted with schools of dolphin and occasionally the odd whale. Nothing better!

Q. What’s your favourite movie of all time?

A. I’m not a great movie buff as I suffer from ADD and struggle to sit still in a movie-house, in the dark for several hours, but probably would go with A Beautiful Mind.

Q. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

A. In the summer, if the wind is not blowing, the anticipation of a ride probably along the beach front. In winter, nothing!

Q. Have you done any rides recently or are you training for any in the next few months?

A. Having had 2 knee replacements and 2 back ops I am very reluctant to participate in mass events/races. Can’t trust the riders around me and I’m nervous of a chain reaction fall so I prefer to ride on my own. No specific event planned but I’m preparing for the 2014 edition of the 1965Ride. There can be no better motivation!


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