In the second of our profiles on our cyclists, read more about first time 1965Rider, Kelly Godley.

How long have you been cycling?
I am very new to the cycling scene! I started spinning in the morning in June 2013 until I got a bike. Now I cycle with a group of  friends in the mornings who are very experienced cyclists and they are helping me to reach the fitness level needed for the 1965Ride.

What are your favourite cycling snacks?
Bananas because they are loaded with potassium which prevents cramping
Coke diluted with water for cramping and energy
And last but never least a Bar-one…because chocolate helps me conquer any hill 😉

Where, in your opinion, in the best  place to cycle?
I have not cycled in many places but the best place to cycle (I’ve heard) is PE when the wind isn’t blowing, because its flat 😉 The most beautiful place to cycle is in the forests of Hogsback or anywhere through nature.

What’s your favorite movie of all time?

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
In winter I would lie awake waiting for my alarm to go off because I was so excited to get fit. I can’t live without exercising as it helps me de-stress and feel fresh and ready for the day ahead. Now in summer I love waking up early to go for a cycle to make the most of the gorgeous mornings. Cycling has definitely made me more of a morning person

Have you done any rides recently or are you training for any in the next few months?
There are so many races coming up and I am going to try take part in as many of them as possible to gain experience and get some good training in.

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