Meet Mike Warren, emergency support for the 1965Ride

Mike Warren, emergency medical support to the 1965Ride
Mike Warren, emergency medical support to the 1965Ride

Meet Mike Warren, Marketing Manager, Intermediate Life Support at Alderson Ambulance Services. Mike drives with the 1965Ride from Heidelberg to Queenstown to provide support in the event of a medical emergency.

Alderson Ambulance Services have been supporters of the 1965Ride since day one in 2011.


Q: How do you describe yourself?

A: Well am a genuine down-to-earth guy. I appreciate family and true friends more than anything. I have a soft gentle nature although have been told I am impatient. I enjoy quiet time with friends around a fire rather than a club or bar. I enjoy helping people and will do all I can for those close to me. I am a very sociable person – I don’t enjoy being on my own and have been told I talk too much (will try work on that!)


Q: Where do you live?

A: I live in East London, home of the finest pothole. But we have the best milkshakes from Friesland!


Q: How did you become involved in the 1965Ride?

A: Our company was approached before last year’s event for medical back up and as the marketing manager it was suggested I do it. It was probably the most fun I have ever had on a medical standby ever. So much so I will do it every year as it has moved me so much. I will be back every year!


Q: What is the most challenging thing you have ever done?

A: (…. am thinking how to answer this question …) However I think it was my fire rescue courses, really physical and they break you down mentally to build you up into a fireman and rescue medic.


Q: What achievement are you most proud of and why?

A: My daughter. She is my world and my life and my best friend (don’t need to explain to any parent why that makes you proud). However at fourteen years old I have to act interested in One Direction (boy band technically)… that is another challenging thing! Secondly the achievements in my career and the difference I have made to people because you are with them at their worst and it’s your actions and decisions that affect their outcome. Another great achievement was being a lecturer for junior paramedic students and to see them a year or so later and they come up to you and say thank you, because of what you taught me … I have been employed and studied further and making difference. That is a proud moment knowing the knowledge and skills you have imparted has gone on and others are making a difference.


Q: Do you cycle?

A: Um no I sit in a response car with aircon and playing rock music driving behind you guys …. And assisting Mr. Raasch up hills with his thunder gun! However I used to in my youth on a road bike …. Then I discovered Suzuki … much easier.


Q: What do you do for a living?

A: As my day job I am marketing manager for Alderson Ambulance and work on the road as an ILS Paramedic.


Q: What do you do for fun?

A: Mainly chill times with friends or time at the beach, the therapy of a quiet beach walk is never too much. And the obvious is a bit of TV watching – Top Gear naturally as well as Two and a half men and Big Bang Theory.


Q: What was the highlight of last year’s 1965Ride for you?

A: Honestly, everyday was a highlight, however I feel the camaraderie experienced is the greatest I have ever seen in my life (especially on the road – people helping each other). But Mark Bradley’s pub evenings had a lot of camaraderie as well! This experience has moved me more than any other. Tony Frost has inspired me and is a gentleman I respect and look up to! The hardest part of the trip was the end. The emotion of leading these heroes after 850km into the Rec (in Queenstown) with the whole town cheering and wiping back my own tears knowing it’s another whole year before we can do this again.


Q: Do you have any advice for new support crew members?

A: If you don’t like lasagna get used to it. Honestly everything is so well prepared and organised that there is nothing to prepare for – except a life-changing experience and I promise you will be back again.. I know I will!


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