Meet John Ferguson, fabulous support driver

John Ferguson, 1965Ride support driver
John Ferguson, 1965Ride support driver

Meet John Ferguson, fabulous support driver to the 1965Ride since 2013. John lives in Queenstown.


Editor: Describe yourself in 140 or more characters

John: Tall, dark and handsome if I remember rightly


Editor: Why did you decide to volunteer to be a member of the 1965Ride support crew?

John: In 2013, I drove the last two days because Sean Heideman told me about it. I saw a

great crowd of people doing it for a great cause and wanted to participate in the whole



Editor: What is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done?

John: It’s a toss-up between: a) my arrival in South Africa in 1972 with only R150 in my pocket

and b) having to drive from Jo’burg to Queenstown at 20km/h. (Editor: you’re clearly a sucker for punishment because you keep coming back for more)


Editor: What achievement are you most proud of and why?

John: My 1957 gymnastics floating trophy and my son, Sean.


Editor: Do you cycle? If yes, road or mountain bike (or both)?

John: I know how to cycle. I own a bike. I don’t know if it’s road or mountain. I rode it about 4

months ago.


Editor: What do you do as a day job?

John: I am a full-time pensioner.


Editor: What do you do for fun?

John: Answer questionnaires. Just kidding. I am a member of the Queenstown Automobile



Editor: You have supported the 1965Ride before. What was the highlight of your trip? And

What was the hardest part of the trip?

John: The highlight is the reception you get at the Rec at the finish; and the hardest part was

sitting down all day (Editor: I’m sure if you ask nicely one of the cyclists will let you have a turn on their bicycle)


Editor: Do you have any advice for any new support crew this year?

John: Enjoy the Ride!






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