Meet Bruce, a cyclist who has been chased by an ostrich!

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Caption:  Bruce (centre) with cycling companions, Marc and Andrew.

Bruce (45) describes himself as a fun-loving, outgoing person who has a passion for cycling. His other passion is getting involved in social and charitable organisations, which he says has also led to an energetic consumption of a beverage or two while socialising – all in aid of the charities he supports!

He is from Queenstown and married to Yvette. They have a 21-year-old daughter, Tatum who has just finished studying and is about to go into the big wide world.

Bruce has completed two 1965Ride tours and says he cannot wait for his third, this April.

“I have always enjoyed cycling but after Brendan – my ‘klein boetie’ – came back after completing it one year and could not stop speaking about how he enjoyed it, I decided to sign up.

“I cannot describe the awesome feeling of doing something I really enjoy whilst knowing that others are benefitting from it”.

Bruce says he’s had some funny moments while cycling and naturally, the funniest moments happen to be those who are watching others mess up like, cycling buddy, Marc Bradley who flew over his handlebars one morning.

“Another one is that of cycling companion, Greg Baxter taking a few tumbles and having a slope named after him – ‘Barrels Bult’. This sign is still there today! The highlight has to be being chased by a group of cattle and an ostrich on separate occasions, while out cycling.

“Cycling the 1965Ride is something a cyclist should do at least once in a lifetime. The camaraderie and new friendships formed doesn’t happen everyday. It’s really special.

There is still space for more cyclists to sign up for this year’s 1965Ride and I urge cyclists to consider doing it for a good cause – education – for the camaraderie and, a whole lot of fun’, says Bruce.

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