Meet Andrew Mills – tall, dark and handsome cyclist riding for education!

Freedom ride

(Photo caption:  From Left to Right:  Tony Frost, Jen Wilson, Toni Suddes, Ashley Truscott and Andrew Mills)

Editor: Describe yourself in 140 characters

Andrew: Rugged | tall | dark and handsome | just kidding! | I’m a humorous family guy with a love for cycling | aged 36 | married with kids

Editor: Why did you start cycling (as an adult)?  

Andrew: I decided to start some form of competitive sport when I moved to Jozi about 10 years ago and cycling seemed like a good option. My first goal was the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge. But my first training ride lasted about a kilometre – I was exhausted and turned back!

Editor: What’s your funniest cycling moment?

Andrew: Too many to mention. But the most memorable was falling off my bike at the gate on my very first ride with the 1965Ride Bishops Ridge gang!

Editor: What bike do you ride?

Andrew: On the road – my trusty Bianchi C2C (Bianca)

Editor: Have you ever tried riding a unicycle? 

Andrew: No! But I tried the penny farthings at Gold Reef City as a kid!

Editor: Tell us about your training programme? 

Andrew: Terribly irregular. I have an indoor trainer, I enjoy the odd spinning class and also the Saturday rides from Bishops Ridge in the Cradle (with a bunch of like-minded 1965Ride cyclists). I also do a bit of mountain biking to mix it up a bit.

Editor: Do you shave your legs?

Andrew: Nope… should I?

Editor: Do you wear matching outfits?  (Andrew, be honest!)

Andrew: It would be criminal not to.

Editor: Can you pop a wheelie on your bike?  

Andrew: For about half a second.

Editor: We’ve never seen this. He needs to prove this on our next ride!

Editor: What’s your favourite cycling food and why?

Andrew: Pronutro and espresso before the ride and race nougat during the ride.

Editor: He’s forgotten to mention the carbo loading of croissants after the ride!

Editor:   Who is/are your favourite cycling partner/s?

Andrew: Pretty much anyone in the Bishops Ridge gang makes for good company. But I always have a good chat with ‘Ash Crash’, or Peter Gerber (both 1965Ride cyclists) when he joins us.

Editor: Have you ever cycled on another continent?

Andrew: No, but I sure hope to.

Editor: What’s the most challenging thing you’ve ever done?

Andrew: If we’re talking cycling then it’s probably my first Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge. It was very long!

Editor: What is your biggest achievement to date?

Andrew: Getting my leave for the Ride signed off!

Editor: What motivated you to sign up to cycle the 1965Ride? (It’s only taken him five years to commit!)

Andrew: I’ve wanted to do this ride since Tony Frost, founder of the ride, told me about it but circumstances or excuses always got in the way. I didn’t want to let the opportunity of riding the 5th tour get away from me! But a lot of it has to do with my Eastern Cape roots and a passion for education.

Editor: Have you done the 1965Ride before?  

Andrew: Only as a desk-bound spectator!

Editor: Have you ever completed any other cycling tours?  

Andrew: Not tours per se, but I’ve cycled the Argus, Amashova, OFM classic, EP Herald and of course several Momentum 947 Cycle Challenges.

Editor: Do you have any funny photographs or videos of yourself that demonstrate your cycling highlights that we can share on Facebook and twitter?

Andrew: Not so much a funny one, but one of my favourites is from the 2014 Freedom Ride in Johannesburg featured in this blog.

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