Local is lekker, buffering and great views on day three

We definitely took a big bite out of the elephant today.

The day was actually preceded by a great evening in the Local kroeg of Reitz. A few of the lads thought it would be a good idea to go and meet some locals. The Queenstown boys also got to know Brandy Andy Mills from Grey High School better. All the naughty boys were late for supper and were giggling the whole night.
The food was once again great and settled us all in to an early night.

The morning started off with no water at the one digs. And this definitely did not suit Brandy Andy. We all however managed to have breakfast and head off into a chilly morning start.

Rodger the artful Dodger managed to make it up the hills, only to realise he had not taken his heart medication and that was why his heart rate was sky high. We carried on at a great pace with the wind behind us, to the great pleasure to many of the cyclists. Even a couple of chain malfunctions did not hamper the ride.

The little town of Bethlehem was on the horizon and we all gathered to enter the town. This was when our first ceremonial dismount occurred. Lwandile had a burst tyre and managed to tumble on the tar. Luckily no scars, only a new tyre and tube kindly donated by Tony.

The trip into Bethlehem saw a lot less pomp and ceremony than last year. No cops this time. The GM Dealership as always gave us a good reception and made sure Dan(ie) the Music man could continue on the road, after repairing a broken spoke.

This is where the road started to become a little more hair-raising than usual. Loads of vehicles on this stretch from Bethlehem to Ficksburg.

A Big thank you must go to Debz and Niel for the great Condensed Milk Biscuits and Jen Ralph for the fruit cake.

We finally arrived in Fouriesburg for lunch and Mark and Shelly managed to get lost. They did find the lunch spot after scouting out the WHOLE town.

Bruce is still trying to download – he seems to be buffering and is starting to look for a better connection. Hopefully the toilets work in Ficksburg for his sake.

Leaving Fouriesburg there were some great views and great downhills with Jackhammer Raasch definitely in a rush to get to the toilet. However the road hogs with caravans did test our road rage and cycling abilities.

Thankfully we all arrived safely and in one piece in Ficksburg and are looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure.

Adrian and Andrew (Nel)

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