Letter from Leon – 7 Tour Veteran

10th April 2018

The Parlotone of 2018

Tomorrow morning you embark on an epic journey, a journey that will change your life and leave an everlasting memory.

This is a ride that will look very intimidating to the 1st time riders and you might think to yourself “how will I do this, 830km is a long way” well the answer is simple, 1km at a time.

From the moment you leave the cobbled driveway of Kloof lodge until you ride onto the track of the Rec sports ground, you will experience so many different emotions, mostly happy and some dark as the fatigue sets in and the bum and legs gets sore, but rest assured the positive will always outway the bad. You will see the land at the speed of a bike in all her glory, and what a beautiful land we live in, you will experience kindness from fellow cyclists and the public that you have never experienced before. You will experience how the hand of the old man on your back gives you super human strength to push on when you think you can’t any more.

The 2018 1965Ride will be the first ride since the ride started that I will miss, and I am sad about this, the friendships made during the last 7 years will last a lifetime. I was the outsider coming from Hangklip, the Afrikaans boy between “die Engelse”, and never, not one, day did I ever feel out amongst these guys and girls.

Tonight you guys will receive you kit and goody bags and every one will have their name called out all but one.  I would like to take this opportunity to call his name and thank him for everything he has done for the Queenstown community, his fellow cyclists and me. Tony Frost Thank you! Sir.

As a 7 year vet of the ride I would like to give you some tips for the ride ahead.

  1. Look in front of you when you ride.
  2. Eat, Eat breakfast eat at the stops, eat lunch eat supper sometimes you won’t feel like it but eat. It is very important to your recovery.
  3. Drink, don’t forget to drink.
  4. Chammy cream is your best friend.
  5. Always help were you can.
  6. Look after your bike, clean bikes goes faster.
  7. Be careful of the showers at Poelanies this could be the most dangerous thing you encounter on this trip.
  8. Wind can be your friend and your enemy, when going down Penhoek it is not your friend take it easy.
  9. Always remember why you are doing the ride.
  10. Enjoy every moment.

See you all at the Rec in Queenstown.


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