10 – 18 April 2013; Johannesburg to Queenstown; 850km

We know that there are a lot of you who are just dying to join us on our odyssey to Queenstown in April next year. But in case something is holding you back, here are a few suggestions for preparing yourself, based on experience of course.


You really do need to start training sooner rather than later, especially if you are new to cycling.

A bunch of us meet most Saturdays from Bishops Ridge, near Lanseria Airport, and cycle into the Cradle. We usually do about 40km or so – if we have a race coming up we try and cycle further for a few weeks beforehand.

You need to get plenty of time in saddle because on the Ride we cycle anything from 50km to 140km a day, for 8 consecutive days. So your rear end really needs the, um, practice. Of course your legs also need to be strong, as well as your neck and shoulders. It is really not preparation enough to cycle 40 or 50km week. You probably need at least 4 hours a week on the bike – aim to do much of this on the weekends, but remember we do ride for 8 consecutive days with no rest days in between so it’s important to ride regularly. In fact, it is almost just as important to ride as often as possible than to do just two long rides on a weekend. This way you will condition everything to be prepared for continual, rather than, intermittent riding.

Spinning is great for building up your fitness and we highly recommend it, especially as it’s not always possible to cycle during the week. So, if you can manage riding/spinning 4 times a week you will be in good shape.


We don’t like to turn anyone away, but you really do need a road bike. A mountain bike is heavier and even with slicks, you will be putting in A LOT more effort than the road bike cyclists, which will make the whole trip a lot harder for you. And even though, as organiser Tony Frost likes to say, “it’s all downhill to Queenstown”, you will need all the help you can get from your cycling machine.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive, brand new bike. John from Cycle Science can help you with advice on what to buy. Tel: 011 705 1581.


Yes, R25 000 is a lot of money. But its completely achievable if you start raising the funds in plenty of time. Most of us ask family, friends and business colleagues to sponsor an amount per km. If you asked 30 people to sponsor R1 per km, you will raise R25 500. In our experience, some people give quite a bit more. And of course, some give a bit less. But you’d be surprised at how quickly it all adds up.

And bear in mind that the entry fee includes your accommodation and meals while on the tour.

Don’t be put off by our entry target. If you achieve the R25 000 your accommodation and meals are covered. If you can’t reach the R25 000 then you pay a pro rata portion of your costs.

Just remember why we do the ride: It is to raise funds to give the best, but poor, talent the very best start to their lives. It is the best thing you can do to develop our wonderful country!


We will have a trailer with bike spares – tyres, tubes, etc. We’ll also probably have at least one set of kit sponsored. You will need to bring:

  • Cycling shorts & shirts
  • Helmet
  • Cycling glasses
  • Gloves
  • Rain proof jacket
  • Arm & leg warmers (as we cycle in autumn, the mornings can be chilly)
  • Warm, casual clothes for the evenings and comfortable casual shoes
  • Toiletries (inc sun block)
  • Medication
  • A smart-casual outfit for our final dinner in Queenstown
  • A few Rands for any extras and any souvenirs you might like to purchase along the way
  • We will be riding long hot days and our nutrition therefore must be geared towards endurance.
  • It is likely that we will be able to provide sponsored supplements but this is no guarantee at this stage.


… so that you get the leave!

We know that 8 days is a long time – to cycle, never mind to take off from work. But we need to stress that this is not just a fantastically fun-filled, life-changing adventure, where you will make new friends, share experiences, and see parts of South Africa you probably didn’t know existed.

You’re doing it so that children in need have the opportunity to receive a really good education. All the money raised goes towards a bursary scheme for deserving learners who wish to study at Queen’s College or Queenstown Girl’s High School in Queenstown. They will have access to over 150 years of educational excellence, including sporting and cultural opportunities. All of which will give them hope, and the opportunity to do something really great for South Africa, one day.


Just ask us. We’ve done it twice already, and can give you a completely unbiased opinion!

Tony Frost                         083 325 0922

Jen Wilson                        072 193 6763  

Ashley Truscott             083 212 6766     

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