Getting the wheels turning for 2014

Good day special friends and supporters!

It may seem like a long time before the 2014 version of the 1965Ride kicks off but from experience (and now we have three years of experience) we know that things happen very quickly. Before we know it the 2nd April 2014 will be upon us and we will be lining up to get going from the Life Hospital Suikerbosrand in Heidelberg for our annual pilgrimage to Queenstown.

Some of you have been with us from the very start and we are deeply grateful for that. Of course we hope you will stay with us and continue to help us to grow education in Queenstown.

A great deal is happening. One of the most important and exciting aspects is that the 6 Top Town schools are beginning to work much more closely together to make it a community initiative of note. This has all sorts of positive implications not least of all the fact that it will improve our chances of finding the extra resources we need to make Queenstown a world-class centre of education. Your help over the years has helped this to happen.

Because of your support we have had riders and supporters from all the schools participating in our 1965Ride and it is almost assured that this process will continue to grow.

Of course we will keep you informed as the initiative grows and gathers momentum.

In the meantime please keep supporting us, either by riding yourself (it is great fun) or by sponsoring a cyclist or some part of the event. Every little bit helps! Last year we raised around R700000 all because of your generosity.

We have limited the number  of cyclists to 30 in 2014. This is a function of the accommodation available along the way. If we have significantly more entries than that we will think of running two waves of cyclists to arrive in Queenstown at the same time. We have heard that some enthusiasts are going to organise tours from Cape Town and Durban. We have heard this before but maybe this time it will really happen. They will have all our support for sure.

Come ride with us!


(Julie, Jen, Ashley, Leon, Tony)

Your Organising Team

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