From Andile Jonas

End of day 2 and I have another subject for you young blood. Maths Literacy. Today I saw how the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Through the tyre punctures and tears of fatigue and pain, 7 team mates rode together as a unit to maximize the slipstream and minimize the risk. In life you will receive challenges that require you to seek help or advice. Seek it. Not all challenges can be overcome alone. This does not make you weak and without value. It just makes you human.
If you add up the cost of all those bicycles and the accompanying kit, add the sponsorship monies and all the hidden costs for 7 people to come together; what you get is a bigger and brighter future for a few individuals who know that it was all worth more than a Rand value. That they will be able to forge a future for themselves and their families. This is what drives us. This is what should drive us all.
So as you navigate your way through these subjects at school, think about how you can leave the world just a little better than how you found it. Think about how the value of our lives is often measured and how you would like it to be measured.
Stay your course Young Blood.


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