Exactly 5 weeks to the @1965Ride

With exactly 5 weeks to the start of our own epic, time goes by so fast that my vision has begun to blur. There is just so much happening that everything else just has to find a place to fit in.

If you aren’t riding you should be asking yourself why you are allowing yourself to miss out on an adventure like this.

If you can’t or won’t ride then you can always sponsor a cyclist. So far we have 15 signed up cyclists so you have a selection to choose from!

Yes, we do have fun; but the mission is serious and there is probably no-one in South Africa that would argue that education is our country’s highest priority. So you will be supporting something really important. Tell everyone what we are doing. It all makes a difference.

A lot has happened since our last newsletter.

– The Life HealthCare Hospital in Heidelberg – Suikerbosrand has become our latest and awesome supporter. They are providing R10 000 sponsorship; cycling gear for our first day; the starting point for our ride and a group of staff and doctors will be joining us for the first day to Frankfort. A big thank you to the Hospital Manager, Cora Muller and to Elmien Barnard, Customer Relations Manager for making all this happen. They are also working hard to find us someone to look after any medical emergencies. Their enthusiasm is seriously infectious!
– A huge thank you to Tuesday Consulting for their donation of R7 000.
– The CycleScience team will provide us with consignment stock spares for any unseen flats or other mechanical eventualities.
– We again thank Cargo Motors for their donation of R10 000 as well as sponsored kit for all the cyclists
– Thank you to Chevrolet Ute Force for providing support vehicles AND drivers.
– The accommodation is being confirmed and prepared for our arrival. Julie de Bruyn, The QC Foundation Administrator is doing a great job making this all work well.
– The cycling gear for the final day is looking good and thanks to our sponsors Sirocco Strategy Management for providing this gear for the occasion.
– The Harley Owners Group has confirmed that they will see us out of Heidelberg and on our way to Queenstown.

If there is anyone who would like to be in the support team and maybe a drive a vehicle please contact us.

5 weeks and the clock is ticking. As I type this, in five weeks we should be having lunch in Oranjeville en route to Frankfort.

Take care until then.

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