Day Two: 3 April: The Spirit of the Ride

Frankfort to Reitz

The Spirit of the Ride came out in full force today……..

One often hears how good it is to help other people but it is only when you are involved in an experience such as the 1965Ride that one really feels the deep spiritual and important reality of this! Andrew, Marc, Leon and Tony embodied this spirit today!

Day 2 Frankfort Robcron Motors
We heard that there are no hills in the Free State and that the ‘weather is the weather’! But with the wind in your face and being confronted by a never-ending roller-coaster then one really begins to appreciate mutual support. This is when we saw this spirit in action embodied by the 4 guys mentioned above. Thanks guys!

After a great evening of fellowship over a braai and a superb breakfast to kick start the day we met at the Chevrolet dealership, owned by Emile Cronje, who invited a bunch of his professional cycling friends to join us on (no, not Chevrolets) bicycles all the way to Reitz. It was great to have Emile, Ben, Willie, Robbie and Ockert join us on the road!

It was a hard ride today into the wind when most of us had expected a somewhat easy ‘fill the tank’ day. We were not disappointed though to see Ryan keeping the mechanics on their toes once again even before 5km had been covered!! Bruce wasn’t far behind Ryan and not too much later he also had a flat. How? Watching his wheel… instead of the impending potholes! (It has since been established that Schnell’s daily tube budget is R200)☺ Thanks to Brendan for helping out with Rodger’s wardrobe malfunction and hope tomorrow that his kit will be intact!

One of the reasons why we insisted on Louis and Richard being the Chevrolet Ute Force film crew was that they do much more than just making great documentaries. They really support the 1965Ride. They did last year and are doing it again this year. For example, instead of charging off on a filming mission they drove carefully and protectively behind Greg and Jen who were discovering hills that were not there last year and were being threatened by juggernaut trucks coming at them from behind!!

We arrived at the hospitable Poelanies Guest House in Reitz and enjoyed our first ‘Yoga’ class followed by guess what….. Lasagne!!

We must mention that some of us were definitely luckier than others when it comes to a quick neck massage – we won’t name any names but we hope that Neil will divulge his charge for the light hand massage service for weary 2 wheel exponents for those other than his wife?!!!!!

We would like to leave you, equally intrepid, blog readers with a mystery question …. Who actually earned the title of ‘The King of the Mountains’ today??

Authors: The Corroded Machine, The Stone Deaf and The Partially Lame Mountain Goat!!

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