Day Seven: 8 April: From the Free State to the Eastern Cape

Chaos reigned at The Mountain View Lodge yesterday in Zastron during cool down stretches and allocation of rooms as we were split into three different lodges: Mountain View, Vultures Lodge and Highlands Guest House. Chaos mainly due to Brendan explaining why his body is not able to do the stretches that Tony leads.

About to storm Zastron
About to storm Zastron

Highlands being the venue of a delicious chicken salad lunch and a braai with copious meat and veggies for supper. Thank you Sarieta!
Thanks also to Neil who held back some beers for our stop in Aliwal North.
We woke to a beautiful crimson sunrise and sumptuous breakfast at our respective guest houses. Thanks to our host Petrus from the Vulture Lodge who advised us as to which water to drink.

We all met for a 9am start outside Zastron where some of the girls from the Highlands Guest House (Hester and Di) complained about bruised quads (apparently a code name for some other part of the body) – the men were really confused. This was followed closely by Debz L complaining that there was no desert the previous evening. (apparentley Debz none tonight either – shame).

A good fast ride on really good roads with a wide shoulder (no pot holes). Ryan Schnell, however, still managed to have a puncture bringing his tally now to 6 with Bruce popping a tyre at HUGE downhill speed. Brendan managed to create mechanical faults to have a ride in the car four kilometers outside Aliwal.

There is no use crying over spilt milk as John F found out as he opened the black box in the trailer at the tea break. Milk, says John, spilt over as they bounced over bumps. No John, you must learn to close the milk box properly, and drive smoothly.

Before arriving at our accommodation we had three quick picture stops at the Bridge entering the Eastern Cape. Then to Build It and Dampier Motors Chevrolet where we met Gary Dampier. En route from Build It to Chev, Di brought the Spills tally to 4 for the Queenstown contingent, by leap frogging her handlebars and landing on her feet – the suggestion has been made that Q’town riders should hold a workshop to learn how to use their cleats correctly.

On arriving at our destination in Aliwal North, The Umtali Country Inn, a wonderful cold and refreshing swimming pool awaited. A delicious cottage pie and salad was enjoyed by all for lunch.

Rob, John F and Jen R

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