Day Four: Special late edition

This special edition is the result of an editorial complaint and an impromptu disciplinary hearing. We survived fortunately.

In the absence of the Chief Walking Organiser, who deserted after lodging deep and serious allegations left his Assistant Chief Deputy Organiser, Debbie Love, to provide a more accurate version of what actually happened on the walk.

After leaving Queenstown at 07:00 the “walkers” drove to Clarens and then walked just over 11 kms on terrain which the Chief Organiser had described as flat and along the river.  It was discovered that flat on Google doesn’t mean flat on the mountain. In fact the mountain is MUCH more mountainous than one can imagine, especially around Clarens!

After this gentle stroll the ‘walkers” were wined and dined royally by Simon Kerr at the Phat Chef Restaurant. This author is reliably informed that the Chief Organiser battled to stay the pace and therefore arrived late for this sumptuous meal, fit for a king!!

Then they slept!

Then they rose. This author is again informed that the rising time was exactly 07:00

Then the “walkers” drove. To Fouriesburg. (Without summiting the mighty Fouriesburg 8 kms mountain!). The “walkers” then proceeded to an unnamed Google map location with zero elevation but a totally magnificent view of a landscape also unnamed, but presumably either South Africa or Lesotho. Reports have failed to confirm whether the “walkers” had acquired the correct legal documentation for this mystery location!

They then proceeded to stroll 20.12 kms in 3::58 without vetkoek or even coffee stops. Amazing!

The “walkers” then proceeded to drive (again) to Ladybrand to join the cyclists who had much earlier completed their 70 kilometres in almost the same time!!

However there was much joy and jubilation at the arrival and the outstanding achievements of the “walkers”!   We are delighted that we will have their company at the beginning and end of each day from now until Queenstown!


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