Day Four: 5 April: Shenanigans in Ladybrand

Last thought of day 3 …. Sleep in tomorrow breakfast at 07h45 ~ well Tony did say things WILL change!

06h00 Wake up call … some impatient dude hooting at the gate of the Woodpecker B & B and if for a split second you thought it was back to sleep … wrong again, neighbourhood dogs by the dozen barking the national anthem!!!

On our way to breakfast this morning, we couldn’t help notice the steamed up windows of the Ralph’s lodge! So the leading questions is, are the Ralphs doing secret training, or was there another reason they were first to leave the dining room last nite ….


1965Riders on the first tea stop of Day 4

Our mobile and illustrious camera team Louis and Rich seem to think the joke is always on everyone else, but Louis has been overheard a number of times calling Rich to bed, and discussing their bedroom, the romantic table in the country side ~ just to let you know Louis, we have candles in our room if you need some assistance with the ambience ….. just setting the scene!

Today Louis also mentioned that they were going to focus on the back up crew … ho, ho, ho ~ Mike the Medic never missed a beat, soon after this he was seen massaging Brendan’s and Greg’s legs, can’t remember who had a bigger smile on their face. Mike got so caught up in the moment he decided to hide Neil’s keys away, delaying the ‘back up’ team’s departure by 6 km’s…. Mmmm not quite sure what he had in mind!!

Haneke Struwig from Bloemfoentein Life Hospital, managed not only to arrange a wonderful meal last nite, but rallied a team of Training Doctors and professional cyclists to join us from Ficksburg to Ladybrand. So a day in the saddle would just not be the same without a puncture, this time not Ryan, but one of our participants from Bloem. Well done to the Life team, you truly inspired our tired bodies – later Charles Mansfield joined us and also lent a helping hand, or is that a helping front end loader to push Brendan up a hill or two.

Pancakes at Constantia Farm Stall were legendary and the anticipation was well worth the wait!

We arrived at the Cranberry Lodge at the same time as a wedding procession ~ and yes, we had another wonderful welcome …. Oops that wasn’t for us!

Johnny Guns has been renamed Johnny Bravo ~ he reckons he rode too fast and that is why he has had mechanical problems with his bike.   We all know the truth is, that since Brendan a.k.a. SLIM has placed his awesome bod on a frame Johnny Bravo has developed a twitch and his bike now has a nervous click.

On the subject of missing keys, Kelly and Shelly, clearly affected by all the fresh Maluti Mountain air, lost their room key. Seriously concerned by all the comments of ‘Happy endings’ coming from the male contingent of this tour, they decided to bolt themselves into their room whilst they bathed and “tittervated”!!! (They later found their keys dangling in their door!)

The most awesome ending to this beautiful day is that Ladybrand is 424km done and dusted and massages at the spa awaited those with sore muscles. Greg was overheard in the massage room saying ‘Stop it baby …. I love it!!’

Brendan Slim has challenged the team to all ride again next year when he vows to be a goal weight of 120 Kgs ~ he even has Neil thinking this is a good idea and has accepted the challenge! Ash remember to bring the scale and the Prozac!

Sleep tight little hoppers – tomorrow we fly again!


Bloggers Debz ² & Neil the Back up!!!

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