Day 9 – 14th April 2016

The Final Day

Usually these blogs are written as an account of the day, two people are assigned to this. Habitually it has been an account of the humorous and strange happenings.

If I may I want to add a different aspect to my portion of the blog. This is the view I have as part of the support team.

What I experienced was an event unlike no other that would change my life. This is not something I say lightly. The idea of you heroes cycling 850 km, though all sorts of weather and conditions to raise money for a child to get an education is beyond admirable.

What I have experienced is comradery, passion, perseverance and sacrifice. You guys leave your family and work for almost two weeks to do this. What I have experienced is life long friends that have started an initiative 6 years ago to improve education.

The emotions that will flow are overwhelming, just as they are as I write this.

To Tony, my mentor and close friend – a BIG thank you.

Heroes all of you. Viva 1965Ride Viva! From your “Magic Medic” –Mike.


Day 9 started with a ride into Queenstown consisting of 56km. Prior to that we had an amazing dinner at Hazelmere provided by our excellent host Paul and Glenda Mortlock. It was a delicious dinner and fun for all with songs and war cries led by Ian!!

The ride from Hazelmere was easy and emotional. Stopped twice to serve the exhausted riders and then again at Bailies where we were met by various QC old boys and especially by our class friend Eion Taggart. Further on we were joined by 15 of the school cyclists. The reception as we rode into Queenstown was staggering to say the least with traffic officials leading the way with sirens blaring and people cheering us on. We were then led by the College band onto the Recreation sports ground. There were thousands of school kids and adults shouting, singing and cheering our arrival into the arena. Two laps around the field was just too emotional and a feeling of euphoria for all of us. At the end, Desmond’s entourage arrived from PE with bottles of chilled champagne for all of us to celebrate the fun and enjoyment of the ride with all of us.

The evening ended with a flop of a so-called braai at the golf club. When we arrived at the B&B that night Rodgers car which was parked in the street was missing and our hearts started attacking us!! After much panic and walking round and round the block a few times we discovered that our courteous host had found Rodgers car keys and moved his car inside the driveway. What a relief and none of Mike’s medic assistance was needed! Just as well, since he was fast asleep at another B&B.

What a humbling, honour and privilege for us to have been part of such an amazing bunch of courageous cyclists all for a good cause.

Yours in humblest support

Ian and Mike

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