Day 8: The last day of the 1965Ride

Total distance: 50km

Time in transit: approx 3 ½ hrs


Firstly, we apologise to all you eager readers out there for the delay in sending the blog for Day 7.  We had a shocking signal at Hazelmere. Tony assures me he will send it out today.


We awoke today to a really chilly, overcast morning. I did not relish the though of if cycling in this weather especially after eight days of near perfect weather all the way. Fortunately the one half of the team that had spent the night above the pass assured us that they had blue skys in their part of the world, so we were sure the cloud would burn off during the morning.


There was much anticipation as some extra cyclists joined us before we set off at 9am.  Thereafter we were met every 10km or so by another group, of either Queen’s College boys, school staff and girls from sister school, GHS.  It was a fairly fast ride in towards the town, with only one tea and rusk stop along the way unfortunately.


The only mishap was one of the girls coming to a sudden unexpected stop and somersaulting over her handlebars.  But she recovered quickly and carried on.


We arrived at the school and cycled onto the Rec fields at 1pm, with the entire school cheering us on.  Mike, Brenda and Ryan, our support teams, drove ahead of us – they deserve so much praise and appreciation.  They were kind, helpful, organised – and nothing was too much trouble.  I am sure Brenda never wants to retrieve another basket from the back of a bakkie ever again!


After a “victory lap” around the field, a few speeches, the lighting of the cauldron with the Olympic torch flame and some photos, it was all over.  So …. we headed to our guest house to freshen up and then to Spur for a late lunch.


Tonight we all meet again for our last dinner together as the most fantastic cycling bunch ever!  I obviously can’t speak for everyone, but this has been an incredible eight days for me. I feel very privileged to have been part of it, and to know that all my pedalling will help put a deserving young person through a really good school.


Until next year,




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