Day 8 – 18th April 2018

Ride 2018 Blog 8 Day 8

It was a typical start to the 8th day of our journey interrupted only by the overnight puncture of Andile’s tyre. We can all smell the Queenstown air approaching and this was the mood as we took off from Aliwal North. The day was beautiful and the stage was set for the climb up to Penhoek Pass. Steady and measured as we rode, the chill in the air was perhaps a reflection of the pain in the legs that we were soon to be rid of.

By the time we reached the top of Penhoek and took pictures under the sign, the excitement was definitely growing and the 2 ladies in the group were stealthy as they led the charge the end of the day. Donne in particular could feel the cuddle of her mothers arms if her pace was anything to go by.

The sandwiches made by Pam Dorrington were just the fuel needed to get over the mountain and fly down the other side where poor Duncan managed to get 3 punctures in the last 7 kilometres. The riders were absolutely inspired as they finally made it to Paul and Glenda’s farm for a lovely dinner (perhaps the best yet).

We had a great certificates handover ceremony which culminated in the first ever non rider winning the “Give it Horns” trophy. Pam Dorrington has embodied the principles of selflessness and social glue and humour and teamwork better than anybody. Well done Pam.

A few more sentiments expressed by Ian about the coming together of a group of strangers that have become a unit, a team even a family.

The last lap is upon us and I certainly hope that we will stay in touch and keep growing with and learning from each other. The job is almost done but in many ways, its only just starting. The kids that are beneficiaries to this effort will be in our hearts and minds forever.


Mighty Medic Mark Berger

Alderson Ambulance

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