Day 7 – 18th April 2017

Zastron to Aliwal 67 km

Today started with a amazing sunrise over the aasvoel mountain overlooking the mountain view lodge in Zastron. Everybody rearing to go with the promise of an all downhill day, we all enjoyed breakfast and set of down the gravel road and out of Zastron. With a stiff breeze at our backs we passed through the shadow of the assvoel mountain on our way to Rouxville

The team was going well and cruising at a good speed, then the wind turned on us and the parlotone splintered as the stronger guys kept going Cameron showing a clean pair of heals as he raced on towards the first rest stop. By this time the wind had become a strong breeze straight in the face and with a few guys still a long way from the rest stop, Leon headed back up the road to fetch them and try and give them some rest against the wind, however it is said that  Leon does not offer much of a slip stream effect for those behind him.

Shortly after the rest stop the parlotone road into Rouxville and the customary photo on the bridge taken we head through town and on towards Aliwal. It is here that the road kicks up a bit with a few climbs and that wind not making it easy on the already tired legs, it is then that the real team spirit of this ride come to a fore helping each other over the hills.  EFI “Every F%÷×¥$ Inch” we ride together! The sight of Aliwal a sight for sore legs as we ride over the bridge and into the Eastern Cape. On our way to Umtali Lodge our bed for the night, Tony decides to take us via the scenic route through the suburbs of Aliwal nearly getting lost on the way. At Umtali lodge we were greeted with a superb lunch,  this afternoon some of the boys are heading out to the river side lodge to enjoy a few pints overlooking the Orange river, and some, those that know, rests those tired legs for tomorrow!


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