Day 7 – 17th April 2018

Ride 2018 Blog 7 Day 7

Normally the sound of rainfall and thunder over the mountains early in the morning will invoke thoughts of pancakes, coffee and cosy mornings in bed. This morning it led to round eyes, reserved faces and near toy-toying cyclists as they slowly wandered towards the breakfast table. Only to find Tony industriously measuring out dustbin bags and cutting holes to fit heads and arms through. At the breakfast table we learned that the morning was not without its challenges as Ian related in his usual comical style the story of why there is now a – Formal Apology 2. Apparently, some early morning mechanics were required to change the cleats on Tony’s bike and the two of them were together at the support vehicle. Low and behold when all was said and done, there was a missing lanyard with a key attached to it. Of course, it could only have been Tony that stole the key and he had to be subjected to multiple accusations and body searches. When this yielded nothing, the very worried Colonel Lennox had to return defeated to his room. Only to be rescued by his fair lady – apparently when the call to duty came, the very first available jacket was grabbed, and the keys left in the pockets. As one does. That jacket belonged to Pam. Mystery solved. Apology accepted.

So, accompanied by a soft drizzle, a bedraggled bunch of cyclists left Mountain view cottages, with Andile both soothing and psyching himself with the earphones firmly plugged in and a resolute frown on his face. The green dustbin bags rustling comfortably in the wind as we cycled away on a lovely newly tarred road. Fortunately, the rainy weather did not last too long and before we knew it, we were breaking the land speed record for this stretch of road, with the Black Panther leading the pack with his very distinctive sounding set of wheels eating away at the miles. The heavens were swollen with water and everywhere we looked dams were overflowing and little rivulets were running. Not sure if it was the abundance of water but a couple of photographs attest to the team standing solo and staring of into the distance, possibly joining their waters to that of the heaven’s.

We arrived at Aliwal North sooner than anyone thought possible and got to enjoy a hearty lunch and long afternoon in which to relax and stock up on much needed supplies. Somewhere during the late afternoon hours agonizing moans and yelps were heard from the girl’s room, on closer investigation it was revealed that the wonderful Mo was giving some deep muscle massages to very sore hamstrings. Dinner was a wonderful affair with Katiso spoiling the team with drinks, chocolates and a very moving appreciation message. This inspired the team to do a full appreciation for everyone, a gesture much enjoyed by all.

All in all a very good day.


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