Day 6 – 16th April 2018

Ride 2018 Blog 6 Day 6

After a good breakfast in Wepener we were given a grand farewell by an assorted pack of dogs – Jack Russel, a terrier, a sheep dog and a couple of pavement specials.

  • The route from Wepener to Zastron took us through awesome scenery enhanced by great weather.
  • We had an uneventful ride with no punctures, falls or insect stings.
  • While Marita was answering the call of nature she inadvertently made a ‘pocket’ call. So, the question is, how did she make this pocket call without pockets?
  • On completion of the day’s ride and stretching class, Matt discovered that he had a rear wheel puncture. As this was only discovered after the ride, we feel strongly that this does not qualify as an en-route puncture. Our total of punctures for the journey to date, therefore remains at 4.
  • The road surface between Wepener and Zastron was generally very good, but we experienced some challenging hill climbs. With riders getting stronger by the day, they all rose to the challenge.
  • The day ended with a great braai in the evening, interspersed with much laughter and stories to round off the day.
  • The cyclists of the day were Donne and Andile for bravely taking on the mighty challenge of some of the bigger climbs we have faced thus far.

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