Day 6 – 11th April 2016

Wepener to Zastron……

When you plan a trip through the Free State, be sure to stay at the Lord Fraser hotel in Wepener. Tannie Wilma en haar seun Attie se gasvryheid kan net beskryf word as uit die boonste rakke! Their suppers are always Regte Boerekos and the team could not wait to dig in, a truely amazing supper. The team went to bed early even after realising that the flavoured water was half the price than the night before, not sure if it was because of the long days riding or the bende the night before.

At breakfast some interesting conversation ranging from Ian complaining to Jen Ralph about having to wipe noses and bums to Tony bragging about his botanical knowledge of a katpisbos

Departing from the Lord Fraser was short lived when Rodger released that he had left his water bottle on the stoep, unable to find it left him and speed king-blogger way behind the rest of the team. This obviously was a big challenge for Rodger as speed king-blogger chased hard to try and keep his unbeaten record to be first at every stop. But no glory to speed king blogger with Tony clipping the ribbon with a few meters to spare.

At the first drinks stop after 20km Rodger tried to explain that the reason for leaving the water bottle was not old age, but that he was the rescuer of Tony’s Garmin bike computer that he left in the room and he had his hands full and that he was planning on returning later to fetch it.

Mr Dorrington was complaining that the bike carrier on the back of the trailer was restricting his view in the mirror and that he had to do S- bend manoeuvres in order to see behind him.

With help of the first tail wind in six years on this stretch of road the pace was good and we got to the second drinks stop in no time, with speed king blogger back in  full flight. By this time it was getting very hot and Setu and Desmond suggested that we should really get some ice, but once again the commander in chief, wanted to know where would he put the ice, it was suggested that he use the cooler box that is in the trailer, to which he explained that he was told by Jen that that is where the coffee goes. After hitting his head on the corner of the trailer for the 30th time Setu came up with a brilliant plan and gave Ian his helmet.

Tony was telling us that the turn off where we were stopping, was the way to the farm where he grew up. A farmer oom….. Bekker stopped and Tony offered him coffee and fruit cake. oom …. Told us that he was the brother of the famous  rugby player Daan Bekker and that he lived on a farm not far from the farm where Tony had grown up many years ago. After saying our good byes to our new founded friend we did some more marching on Queenstown singing all the way

The normal riding style of the non-bloggers continued, insisting on riding in their BIG chain ring just to be left behind like every other day so far by the bloggers. Even after many remedial classes, the behaviour is persisting and the performance lacking. There is an afrikaans saying that comes to mind, “as jy dom is dan …”

After arriving in Zastron at the Mountain View Lodge, Tony’s stretch classes resumed as normal and the team enjoyed a lovely cold meat and salad lunch, with Tony trying to convince Ian to lead the war cry onThursday at the Rec, this was followed by a lengthy discussion by Ian explaining that his over-relaxed sphincter prevents him from shouting so his cheer leading days are over

After a lazy afternoon, we were treated to a braai, where there were many war stories told followed by bed!!

Day 6 Bloggers Annie and Leon

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