Day 5: Punctures, panoramic vistas, potholes and puff adders

We had a slightly delayed start this morning due to an essential tire repair. But the prize for punctures goes to Greg, who had his second puncture today. But somehow, he still manages to lead the group up the hills!
Today was probably the prettiest day so far. We started this morning adjacent to the dramatic mountains of Lesotho and gently climbed our way to the rolling hills around Wepener, where we will drink, eat, recuperate, clean our bikes and set off again in 14 hours time. Beautiful views were present on both sides of the road all day, when we had the chance to look left and right: fields of sunflowers, creaking windmills and rocky sandstone outcrops.
Luckily for us, the weather was dry and sunny, though maybe a bit too hot (over 30 degrees C). Evidence of the cloudless, sunny day can be seen on the pinkish arms of our drivers and bright red legs of a couple of our cyclists. We were also fortunate enough to encounter significantly less traffic for most of the day. These clever cyclists soon realised why: the road we chose was littered with potholes that few drivers would be brave enough to drive around. Luckily, the skinny tires of a road bike make it much easier to manoeuvre than a larger vehicle; it just meant we had to be vigilant so as not to fall in one of the gaping holes! Or… run over a baby puff adder that was sunning itself in the road.
We were met along the way by John and Jenny Ralph, participants in the 2011 and 2012 1965Ride tours. Thanks for your support, Ralphs!
Congratulations to the 32 Walk the Walk participants who kicked off the 2013 Walk in Queenstown today. Over five days they will walk 101km, also to raise funds for education.
Tomorrow brings us 75 km closer to Queenstown. See you in Zastron!

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