Day 5 – 16th April 2017

Ladybrand – Wepener

How many Layers of Clothing will Ladybrand Get you to wear?

The day had come, a day where most would deem one of the hardest on the ride mostly renowned for its cold mornings and long hill climbs.

At the break of morning you could feel the cold air move through your body you could almost wish you stayed in bed just a bit longer, however that couldn’t be the journey had to continue. After a scrumptious breakfast at Cranberry cottage the engines were fired up and ready to go. Like the rides famous 6 cylinder triple turbo V8 diesel engine (Lungisa Tshele) would say “Use me I’m ready”.

We were all now outside the Guest house waiting on Uncle Tony and Magic Mike to return from the filling station so we could leave, as you can imagine at that time of the morning given the low temperatures all you want is your share of the sun to warm up. That’s exactly what we all wanted, sitting by Louis’ UTE we all stood in front of the sun and how complete would a morning be without Rodger giving you reason for some well deserved laughter. Rodger was sitting on his bike in clear view of the sun’s rays to warm him up only for Cameron to come and stand in his way of all the spaces available. In response to this we thought Rodger was sharing some facts about how far the Sun can shine “ Cam , you know the sun can shine 283 Million Miles and of all the places you decide to stand 2 metres in front of me , so BUGGER* off”. OH Rodge we are yet to find someone who is set to make our mornings the way you do. With Rodge having successfully gotten his fair share of the sun we all were turned to our Princess Lauren who was putting on all the clothes that were in her bag, of course we all knew it won’t even be 10 kms out town that she will be dressed down to her vest only. Don’t worry Lauren we won’t judge you although we would like to congratulate you on your ankle tan please do give us tips on how you managed that. However we were soon proved wrong there seems to be another silent Legend of the ride, our in-house master of the hill climb Leon who was wearing 6 layers of clothing to far out do the Princess. Congratulations Leon not only do you prove to climb the hills on the road like its nothing you’ve managed to beat Lauren at who can wear most layers.

The day was off to a good start, mention must be made at how glad Vata must have been to have missed the hills leading out of Ladybrand, how strategic. We know very well that Stuart Hess’ 40th Celebration was an important function you couldn’t miss. Next time try not be busted, #WeSeeYou all thanks to Mark Zuckerberg.

Given how Tony and Rodger continuously mentioned how most riders dread the ride between Ladybrand and Wepener due to its cold weather and of course the constant hill climbs, the team out did themselves and to their disbelief they noted how this was most probably their best ride to date. After having been 25 kms into the ride a parlotone was formed and according to Uncle Tony the average speed was 27.9 km/h, with testimony coming from Katiso that he personally hasn’t climbed such roads at that speed. Well done to Ntsika Msuthu for showing will and persistence amidst his knee injury having recently been operated he still climbed through and made it to half way mark. Big ups to you, they say pain is weakness leaving the body. Sterling team work and positive energy guys.

Most notably we would like to show appreciation to Mrs Tshele for her arrival at the end of the fourth day, ever since her presence the performance from Lungisa throughout the day was nothing short of impeccable. We aren’t sure whether he was out to impress wifey and daughter or whether the “PEP talk” you gave him last night worked wonders to boost his performance.

Having had lunch three quarters of the way to Wepener the team was in great spirits to continue on and even go beyond Wepener, proving how much fun they were having and of course Tshele having a go at impressing wifey, with her having to chase him to keep up.

Tonight we welcome Lyn and Vata to the team we look forward to having you with us for the rest of the journey and as a welcoming gift Chief of Support has vowed to stop at the bottom of the hill for Vata’s first 25 km  stop.

Queenstown here we come!

Chief of Justice  & Chief of Support

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