Day 4 – 9th April 2016

Ficksburg to Ladybrand.

The day started with a scrumptious breakfast, where the rendition of the 3rd day blog was delivered in both English and Xhosa!! To say the abuse was not withheld is the understatement. However they do say revenge is sweet and as we are a team the support driver is a very important member of the team so we will deliver his point of view.

At the outset let me say how humbled and privileged I am to be part of such an amazing group of cyclists, I have a perfect view from the cab of our Isuzu bakkie. I see the strain and pain as they tackle the rain and wind on the very first day. I admire you all, having said that however after the cycling they become a bunch of demanding groaning chickens. They complain about the pit stops that are chosen, they complain that there is nobody to carry their tog bags to their rooms, and even expect me to pump their bicycle tyres . They are my real bunch of chickens requiring continual pampering. We had requests for tissues to blow their noses on or too wipe their tender backsides!! I congratulate them and commend them  for getting up every morning to take on another day of grueling so called fun!!

So we have now heard from the master, let us report back on the rest of the day. We had our customary photo, thanked our hosts at the woodpecker for the outstanding service, they continue to deliver. This is the sixth time they have hosted us and delivered a great braai as well as cleaning some very sweaty and dirty laundry without any complaints. Having done this, they then joined us on our way the the Constantia pancake palace!!

The climb out of Ficksburg was approached with trepidation and excitement, with a unanimous order placed for 10 melktert and cherry pancakes placed, the motivation was amazing and we were there in very quick time. We enjoyed “the most delicious pancakes in the world” and washed it down with cherry lemonade. We then had some downtime and certain individuals made time for retail therapy. We were then instructed to leave at 12.00, however we are still trying to work out where Tony and Leon disappeared too. Apparently there was a large chicken in the corner, who was showing desires in Leon’s direction, but only they know what happened and they have stayed mum so far!!

After a great ride, we arrived in Ladybrand, we were all shown to our rooms and our bags were even delivered. This was followed by certain individuals going for a rub at the Etadi wellness center. The rub was so good they even left their tog bag in the therapy center and had to bribe the kitchen staff to fetch somebody to open the centre, so they could retrieve their bag, no names, but there were only 4 who had a rub!!

The day was ended off by the majority of the team watching the super rugby between the sardines and Lions. There were some serious supporters on both sides, however the bias against the lion supporters was called into question when our resident medic refused to give treatment to them should they have a heart attack. The hypocritical oath was then called into question!! Sethu was not having a good afternoon questioning all the referee’s decisions. However it was all in good spirits and enjoyed by all.


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