Day 4 – 14th April 2018

Ride 2018 Blog 4 Day 4

We spent yesterday evening around the dinner table getting to know one another, each taking a turn to tell the story of who they are and why we are on this ride. Very personal tributes. Through each story I was amazed at how much history we all have between us. The diversity of our backgrounds is something special. Among us we have a pilot, an ex-marine, a springbok athlete, a life coach, and an environmentalist: and that’s just Antony John Frost!

We have so many stories to tell.

We reached the halfway mark today and it was wonderful!

We started the day with a beautiful breakfast and a later start after Captain Frost had to reach down deep into his shorts to look for what he referred to as the black hole. This was very educational for some of us if not disturbing…

Katiso is fast becoming the puncture King with another tyre incident this morning. Tony was there to save the day again so no harm no foul.

More interesting though was the fly that found its way into the back of Duncan’s throat which he later expelled with everything else that was in his stomach. Our trusty medic, Mark Berger attended to the poor soul within a split second while the rest were still liberally and repeatedly applying what has been renamed ‘fanny cream’ at the touch farm. Details will be made available upon request.

We had an absolutely marvelous time at the Constantia cherry farm stall with the most divine pancakes and of course a few sample tasters of the “good stuff”

Mo had yet another alarming day. That makes 4 in a row now. We are going to have to find a prize for this technological deficiency.

We were very well looked after by the supporting crews as always, with Ian and Pam resolute in the face of Tony’s tirades.

Just when we thought this day couldn’t get any better we were blessed with glorious rain in the last kilometer before reaching our destination for the day

Everyone did great today and I am very proud to be part of such an awesome team doing this for such a great cause.

Our winners tonight of the ‘Man of the Match’ award were Duncan and Ian!

Mighty Medic Mark, Maritha & Andile

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