Day 3 – 13th April 2018

Ride 2018 Blog 3 Day 3

Drama to start the day

20m out of Poelanie B&B gates, Katiso decided to follow the ‘parletone’ at the back and suddenly swerved, taking a fall onto the tar road. Poor Katiso, he is slightly injured, but bravely, and with a smile on his face, hops back onto his bike, hoping that no-one witnessed his fall.

Above the law

Entering the stop-go, both supporting vehicles and ambulance, wait, according to the law, for road officials to allow them to continue. In the meantime, the ‘parletone’ of cyclists, led by Captain Tony, illegally continue on the inside lane of the closed off road, leaving all support crew behind!!

Second puncture en-route

About 10km out of Reitz, on the no-go illegal route, justice prevails – Andile’s rear tyre is punctured. Ten minutes later the ‘parletone’ continued on its journey.

Cyclist lands on her …..

About 15 km before Bethlehem Donne swerved into the grass next to the road, landing on her ……

Don’t be mistaken, don’t be mislead

Down came Donne, landing on her head!

Arrival in Bethlehem

10km outside Bethlehem a fleet of traffic officers escorted us to Bethlehem Auto Isuzu, where the staff of Isuzu provided muffins and drinks for the group. Thanks to Phillip Sterley for helping us out with emergency strobe lights for our support vehicles.

Arrived safely in Ficksburg just before dark.

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