Day 2 – 12th April 2018

Ride 2018 Blog 2 Day 2

A good night’s rest at Nicky’s Stone Cottage in Villiers after a great stretch and a braai for dinner. We had a cold morning start, but with a nice wholesome breakfast we were good to go and hit the road to Reitz, only 97km lol.

The pothole signs were nowhere near enough, more potholes than road.

Great support vehicle but way to slow average speed of 18km, we even passed him. (Breaking the laws apparently)

So much drama nobody knew the way, Ian says right, lady D says left with tears in her eyes scared to add more climbing to the ride. But hey Ian was so right, we went right. The potholes they didn’t stop neither did the rolling hills, but we rode hard none the less.

Parlotone was formed by Katiso leading the pack with an average speed of 30km, where he got the second breath only Katiso will know but we were moving along great. That form was unfortunately stopped by a terrible puncture, Chuck Norris aka Tony Frost saved the day and we were on our way again with about 20km to end the day.

So much fun in between, Marita had a green experience of her own, you know what we talking about, we think it made you even faster.

Matt poor Matt, you were being attacked from a UFO but your Irish blood took over and you were on your way even stronger making long climbs look like flats.

And then the biggest law breaking moment, Duncan, he was flying so fast passed the support vehicle that was travelling at its average speed we know what that is, very slow. He flew by and found a coffee shop with no customers It would have been nice to stay but Katiso started the pace again.

At the very last Lady D, she cried, why no one knows, she says she was tired but we think she was happy it was all over.

We arrived at Poelanies, and “boom” Andile hit the floor, not like Bruno Mars. He even refused medical help, he just couldn’t anymore, Chuck Norris of course there to capture the moment.

All we could do after that was some stretching, some more than others. But we made it, even walked down for a great lunch.

Chief Justice, Katiso and Big Poppa

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