Day 1 – 11th April 2018

Ride 2018 Blog 1 Day 1

Blog Crew: Lady Winfred Dorrington (otherwise known as Pam), DG (Usually known as Donné Hartley), and Tony Frost

The Send – Off Dinner

Great to have Veterans of the tour joining us for the dinner to encourage the team and share experiences with many laughs. It was special to have our own venue for the occasion and proceedings started with the Col Lennox Dorrington providing the Welcome and introductory comments before others shared their experiences and concerns.

Everyone received fabulously generous goodie bags (and this included the guests) which were provided by Momentum Multiply (Thanks Andile and Nkosinathi), Itoo Insurance  and Polåar which included the cycling shirts from sponsors Life healthcare Group (Day 1 and 4), BDO (Day 3) and Sirocco (Day 9).

Then excellent food and fellowship before bed!

Early start and off to Life Hospital Suikerbosrand for breakfast with Cora Muller and her wonderful team

We arrived to find John Koller and his HOG (Harley Owners Group) already there and waiting for action as well as Old Queenians Julian Levitt and Mike Durbach and their wives.

Excellent cycling breakfast of Oats and other delights!

Speeches, certificates of thanks and then the pride of Harleys growled into life and it was time to ride!

The Harley Cavalcade

Without these guys we would have had a major challenge finding our way around and through the tangle of taxis and big trucks on the way out of Heidelberg. Thanks guys – you are all champions. Just their noise and presence made life fun and easy for us.

The Knot in the Chain

The first incident on Day 1 was when Tony lost his chain and somehow the chain manage to tie itself in a knot. It took forever to disentangle with the help of our Medic Mark Berger and then the chase was on to catch the parlotone.

The World’s Bottle-Hopping Champ

We experienced a world first on Day1 of the 2018 tour. Katiso and Maritha were way out front when suddenly they were confronted by a huge pothole, Katiso only noticed it at the very last moment and instead of riding around it or through it he launched his bicycle into the stratosphere to fly right over the pothole and landed safely on the other side.

The world’s First known Cycle Hug

The second world first was performed at speed by Duncan and Maritha. Legend has it (the real facts are not readily to hand) that one of them dodged a pothole, or something, and then suddenly they seemed to hugging each other and performing an elegant cycling waltz across the road.

Cycling conditions

The weather was very kind in terms of temperature and for the first 30 kms the gentle breeze from behind sped the parlotone along at speeds most found surprising. We turned left straight into the same north-easter and suddenly the hills seemed a little steeper and longer and the downhills needed some help from pedals to make them feel like downhills. But quite quickly we had first the N3 in sight, then little village of Villiers and finally our home for the night – Nicky’s Stone Cottages. This is the third time the 1965Ride has stayed here.


  1. BP and his Beesting

During the stretching exercise these were brought to an abrupt halt by Andile (Known as BP to all of us on the 1965Ride) who announced in the calmest of voices that a friendly bee had stung him on the piece of the body that one sits upon. We immediately summonsed our Medic Mark to deal with any incipient allergic shock. But BP then had a problem finding the spot of the sting in order to apply antihistamine cream!

  1. Prize of the Day

Pam Dorrington awards the daily prize and after much thought and reflection decided that there could be only one winner: Katiso Letlaka for his Pothole Hop and the manner in which he kept and delivered dinner to his lady Morongoa when she arrived after a long day at the office


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