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The 2019 1965 Ride Team

The Cyclists

Antony John Frost

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The 2018 1965 Ride Team

The Cyclists

Donne Hartley

Donne is one of our First timers this year and this is her story:

“I grew up on a farm outside Dordrecht, a small Eastern Cape town. I attended Balmoral Girls’ Primary School and then Queenstown Girls’ High School. Queenstown became my home. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I was privileged to nurture this passion while doing an internship at Victoria Girls’ High School for four years, teaching and studying through UNISA.

After completing my PGCE at Rhodes, I came back to Queenstown to give back to my roots. I teach at Queen’s College Boys’ High School and feel privileged to go to work every day.

Many people think that school is only about academics. However, people learn a lot about the functionality of life while they are at school. Queen’s like most of our local schools, offers a holistic grounding for its learners. There are so many opportunities for young people.  It is our duty as professional teachers to mould a group of sound young people who can fulfill their dreams and goals.  Essentially teachers create the lawyers, doctors, accountants, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Hopefully, they will use these skills to give back to their own roots one day.

It was a tough decision to make to do the ride – it is quite a treacherous task. However, I feel that it will be a personal achievement which can impact on many peoples’ lives. Raising the funds gives learners the opportunities to attend an exceptional school.  Here they can be equipped for the future and one day better society as a whole. It is also my way of giving back to education in our district as I received my education from these wonderful value-filled schools.

Education is my passion, and it is my duty to do everything in my power to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to grow into incredible people. This is for them”.

Matt O’Carroll

I was a born and bred in the Fair City of Dublin, Ireland.  Coming from a long line of engineers there was only one career for me and I completed an apprenticeship in electrical engineering in 1975.

Shortly after I moved to London where I met my wife to be, Cecelia, originally from Durban, and we married and returned to South Africa in 1978.  After a couple of years in Durban we moved to Cape Town and have lived here between periods working overseas ever since.

Working in the hospitality industry meant I was able to travel with my job during the last 25 years and in that time I have worked in hotels at Sun City here in South Africa, my home town of Dublin, on two of the Hawaiian islands, St Louis in the USA, London and finally back to Cape Town 4 years ago.  Living in all these places has been very exciting and cycling in them even more so.

I started cycling seriously in 1990 when I completed my first Argus Tour and finally managed my green number 3 years ago when I completed number 10.  In between I have cycled in every country I lived in mostly for fun.  By far the most interesting and competitive time was during my years at Sun City when we took part in mountain bike races around the country including the Rhodes Mountain Bike race in the Eastern Cape.

I am very happy to be part of the 2018 ride and look forward to meeting up with the rest of the group in April.

Katiso Letlaka – Born in Cradock a small town in the Eastern Cape, by the late Mr Mtusi and Tantaswa Letlaka.

I am a community builder working with underprivileged small farmers in Ngqamakwe a small town under Mnquma local municipality in the Eastern Cape.

I work with these farmers through a structure which the farmers formed themselves by the name of Ngqamkwe Farmers Association.

We build dip tanks for cows, goats and sheep through an initiative Vukuzenzele where communities do projects themselves without government assistance, these teach them to do things as a collective and look after their creation. It also encourages every small farmer in the area to control ticks in a collective way as it is cheaper.

Farmers are informed about livestock diseases through information day, that I organize for them, so they can be equipped with knowledge of various livestock diseases and how to fight and cure them.

I will not stop until all the wards in my community have dip tanks.

 My hobby and passion for cycling started in 2016, and since then, I have never looked back.

I managed to do a few races where I was cycling for charity:

  • 7 raising funds for Organ Donor foundation,
  • BestMed Cycle4Cansa (Lost city)
  • Emperors Palace Classic
  • Amashova (Pietermaritzburg to Durban)
  • Cape Town Cycle Challenge (Argus)

What inspired me to be part of The 1965 RIDE for Education?

My mchana (nephew) Vata Ngubeni told me about this wonderful and inspiring initiative and I then decided to join in as well to raise funds for this worthy cause, giving back to my community of the Eastern Cape.

Being part of the Ride last year’(2017) was such a humbling and fulfilling experience, Having to see the difference this initiative is bringing towards the education for needy and talented children.

I am excited and looking forward to the 2018 tour and meeting my fellow cyclists with whom we have and share the same passion, the drive we have in making a difference in other peoples lives.

Setu Skepu The “Ride for education” is a cycling trip from Johannesburg to Queenstown and this philanthropic gesture, planned in a such a way that riders reach Queenstown during the Queens College reunion, is intended to raise funds for education – a facet of life that is critical to our youth and therefore to our country going forward!

Setu or more affectionately known as “Skeps” or “Ta Skeption” has roots that run deeply into the Queenstown community and into the prestigious institution that is Queens College. Not only was Skeps an achiever in the sporting domain at Queens College where he played first team rugby, cricket, and athletics for a number of years but today his ten year old son is a grade 4 learner at Queens Boys Junior School.

Skeps and his “better half” ,his fiancé Jess, both work in the motor industry and are employed at Jacksons car dealership in Queenstown where they form part of a dynamic and vibrant team – 6 months ago an adorable baby girl came into their lives! Skeps also has vast experience in commercial farming and still keeps as few cattle due to his love for farming and for the soil.

Having undertaken all his education at Queens Junior and Queens College the man is deeply passionate about giving other children a chance to excel in life via quality and meaningful education. Being the only surviving child from a family of 5 children and having been raised in trying circumstances by his single mother, Ta Skeption is no stranger to life challenges and therefore has an intimate knowledge of the trying conditions that characterise the lives of many other underprivileged children.

Having known Setu for many years, I cannot overemphasise this young man’s commitment and resolve – I urge you to sponsor him to participate in this compassionate venture.

Shane Brody – Queenstown

Maritha Erasmus I  grew up in far northern KZN (Jozini and the Makitini flats to be exact), graduated from what was then known as RAU and has spent most my adult live in Gauteng. My interests and fascination with the world around me has led me to various industries and countries in my younger years. However, since 2009, I have dedicated my life-work to the development and support of social sustainability solutions for a wide variety of clients through my involvement as a founding member and director of Managing Transformation Solutions (MTS). Our flagship product is Insite, a cloud based solution that assists our clients in the development, implementation and reporting of their social sustainability programmes.

As a passionate equestrian, it was a fairly easy decision to swop four legs for two wheels to support the 1965ride for education and in the process contribute to nation building by giving hope and dreams to our youth. I am excited and scared in equal measures to start on this epic adventure and cannot wait to meet the rest of the team and especially the learners who will benefit from our efforts! Watching the videos and seeing the dreams come to life in those young eyes makes every pedal stroke worth it!

Thank you Tony and the rest of the support team who has worked so hard to make this opportunity possible. Both for me to contribute and grow in the process as well as the benefit this will have for children in the Queenstown district!

Tony Frost – Tony is a fifth generation South African – born in Ficksburg in 1947; educated at Queen’s College, and at the Universities of Natal, Cape Town, UNISA and Wits.

His love for sports developed at an early age and he went on to represent South Africa in athletics. Following a few injuries, he turned to cycling in 2008. He is passionate about South Africa and believes that education is the most important priority for our young democracy. Tony and Ian Dorrington conceived the 1965Ride in 2010 and Tony will be completing his 8th tour this year.  He does this because for him it seems like a cool idea ?.

Tony owns Sirocco Strategy, takes Leadership Trails in Big 5 bush and is passionate about the natural heritage of our Planet.  He has 3 successful and beautiful children and 5 very busy grandchildren who adore their ‘Pop’! Mentor to many!

The Support Team

Ian and Pam Dorrington

Ian – I matriculated at Queen’s College in 1965. I have been a passionate QC Old Boy having been active in the QC Old Boy’s branches for many years and eventually having the honour to be National president of the QCOBA in 2010/11.

My greatest joy was the eventual persuasion of inviting Tony Frost to a QCOBA function in 2010. This is when he felt the passion burning inside his heart when he saw first-hand how well Queen’s had progressed since we left in 1965.

On our motor car trip to a branch in Aliwal North/Barkley East in 2010, we sewed the seed for the “1965 Ride” to raise money for the education advancement in the Queenstown district. A year later my wife was diagnosed with MND and sadly I could not partake in the rides in the subsequent years.

In 2016 I was able to join the fantastic team of riders as the “Chief of Support” which meant looking after the riders and driving the support vehicle. It was an amazing experience and one event of my life which I shall never forget. The camaraderie and team spirit was excellent and great fun.

Then, in April 2017, the day before the start of the 2017 ride I snapped my Achilles tendon while playing cricket with my grandkids!! I was devastated to say the least. My flight was booked to JHB and worst of all I let the team down and could not participate!

I am so thrilled now to have been invited to be part of the 2018 team once again as the Chief of Support. I am also pleased that my ‘new’ wife, Pam will be joining me in the ‘support’ vehicle and to experience the fun of this unique ride.

Pam – I matriculated in 1967 at Clarendon High School in East London. I then studied to be a teacher at the Grahamstown Training College. I taught in schools for 17 years. Thereafter I continued my studies  and lectured in the Education Department of UPE (now NMU) until my retirement at the end of 2015. I have three wonderful children – a son in Australia(in IT) a daughter(teacher) and son(Lawyer) both  in Cape Town. I have six grandchildren. I am an author of school textbooks.

I am thrilled to be joining my ‘new’ husband, Ian Dorrington, on the 1965 Ride as his co-navigator in the support team vehicle. I am so looking forward to meeting all the brave, fit ’65 Ride participants and enjoying the beautiful landscape along the Maluti Mountains en route to Queenstown.


Born in a family of 5. I am the third child of Reverend Thapelo and Mokgaga Mogashoa,

I have always been a sports fanatic, running as a hobby, but with challenges that came with my running (Joint, knees, ankle, blisters etc. etc.,) in 2013 I had to minimize my running,

A doctor/ friend, (Dr Snyman) suggested I cycled, what a scary thought at that time since I have never cycled before, not even in my childhood.

But with practice, determination and perseverance, I successfully managed to pedal the bike forward, then my passion for cycling grew,

In 2014 I decided to enter for my first 94.7 Cycle Challenge,

Did a few and was raising funds for charity organizations:

  • Ransom Foundation ,(2014)
  • Smile Foundation (2015)
  • Organ Donor Foundation (2016)

And also participated in a few races i.e. Amashova (Pietermaritzburg to Durban) and the CapeTown Cycle Challenge (Cape Argus), BestMed Cycle4Cansa (Lost City)

The 1965 RIDE for Education

 I am very excited and thrilled to be part of this worthy initiative,

Being part of the ride in 2017 (Chief Justice) driving at 20km/hr for 850km which was worth my while in support of our cyclists was a very humbling, fulfilling and exciting experience.

I then thought, I needed to also join in with other cyclists and make a difference, raise funds for an educational bursaries. The most precious and valuable gift a person can give to needy and talented children towards their future.

I am looking forward to this exciting tour once again


Mark Berger

I am a 34 year old male residing in East London.  I have been working at Alderson Ambulance for nearly 4 years.  I have been with our East London branch for about a year, prior to that I was running the Alderson Queenstown Branch.  I am a Basic Life Support medic but also handles all the Marketing for Alderson Ambulance.

I relocated from the Free State in 2014 whereby I was originally in the hospitality industry – working for Tsogo Sun. When I got to East London my career path amoungst other things changed dramatically and that is how I became an “aldersonian”

Personally I (think) am a calm and collective person, however always up for an adventure.  I get on well with basically everyone and enjoy the company of others.  I work well within a team and value the input and/or the opinion of others. I have a big “love” for nature and all its beauty it has to offer.

The 2017 1965 Ride Team

The Cyclists

Lauren Kilian was born and bred in Queenstown. I matriculated from Queenstown Girls’ High School in 2010 and then spent the year of 2011 in the U.K. In 2012, I returned to South Africa and went straight into four years of studying a B.Ed. (Foundation Phase) in Bloemfontein, where I obtained my degree with a distinction at the end of 2015.

I came back to Queenstown and started working at Queen’s College Boys’ Primary School in January 2016. I am so happy working my passion.

My cycling career started casually at the beginning of 2016 and I managed to complete the Argus with only a few weeks of basic training as well as a few mountain bike rides throughout the year.

Towards the end of 2016 I became serious about my cycling and have already completed the 106km Herald Continental Cycle Tour in Port Elizabeth.

The Cape Argus lies ahead and I cannot wait for this adventure for the second time! I work with passion in education and am very passionate about my teaching.

The 1965 Ride 2017 edition is my first ride for this great cause. It empowers education and this is the main reason for deciding to join the ride this year.

James Moorcroft

Age 26, doing my first tour.

Attended Queen’s College, matriculated 2008

I’m an EC born and bred farm boy and have always enjoyed the outdoors and farming. This is probably the reason I have pursued a degree in Animal Science and now have a career in that field.

I started cycling as a late night bet between friends to do the 94.7 Cycle Challenge in 2015. We decided to do this for a purpose or don’t do it at all, so I joined the CHOC Cows for that race. Cycling seemed like a fun way to raise funds and the bug bit. It was through this bet and trying to get a few kilometres under my belt before 94.7, that Tony convinced me to get involved with the Cradle Cruisers, a group of hardened cyclists that like nothing more than flat out cruising, ‘moer koffie’ and croissants. This motley crew cycle every Saturday without fail, in all sorts of ‘perfect cycling weather’, and this is where I found my adoptive cycling home.

When surrounded by group so driven on giving back to the community that raised most of us Queenstown educated crowd, it’s hard not become focussed on the same goal. I have come to develop the same sort of passion in giving back to the institution that gave me so much during my time there. We all come from different backgrounds, speak different languages, look different and have different ideals, but we all have one thing in common. The will to see others succeed. I feel that by doing this ride and raising the bursary funds, we can see this through. By giving children, that may never have had the chance to achieve what they’re capable of just that, the chance to succeed.

Hester Lemmer

I am a teacher at Queenstown Girls’ High School and I am passionate about education and love riding my bike, so this Ride to me has the best of both worlds. This will be my third Ride and I am raising funds for GHS.

Ntsika Msuthu

Born and bred in the majestic province of the Eastern Cape under the rolling hills of what many refer to today as the former Transkei. As an avid sportsman and by avid I mean I have tried everything from golf to water polo, I matriculated from Queens College in 2003.

Having had a stint in the Mother City, I moved up to Johannesburg to chase after the ever elusive gold that everyone was talking about and to build a career. Till today, I am still looking for the gold, however I was able to build some sort of career in the sports sponsorship world before leaving that to start my own business, ironically, still in sport.

What started as an office bet between myself and a colleague to do the 2016 94.7 Cycle Challenge soon become Tony Frost and Vata Ngobeni twisting my rubber arm into getting involved with 1965 Ride.

Needless to say, this is my first tour and I could think of no better cause to put my body on the line for. No one can ever under estimate what a quality education can do for a child and so this is my little way of ensuring that I help a child from the region in which I grew up gain access to one of the hardest things that children can access in this country today.

While we all may come from different backgrounds and may not share the same ideals, the drive to better the education in Queenstown is what brings us together and is what we are striving towards for our small town and surrounding areas.

Lungisa Tshele 2002

I was born and bred in Ekhuphumleni Township just outside of Whittlesea which is some 30kms from Queenstown.

Self-professed workaholic (driven), Lungisa might be the most positive Old Queenian you will ever meet! He is a busy man but has plenty of time for everything that has to do with Queens and hence my involvement with the 1965 Ride.

I love everything that is physically demanding and this being my first ride I look forward to the unknown and how my body will respond to the challenge. It is exciting. Above all it is an opportunity for me to give back to my community and also the school that has given me so much. I owe the school quite a lot and would love to see the school maintain its high standards for generations to come.


I attended primary schooling in Ekuphumleni Township from Grade 1 – 7 having attended both Umthawelanga Primary School and Ixhadi Labantwana Senior Primary Schools respectively. Lungisa attended Queen’s College and matriculated in 2002. He studied and completed a B-Tech in Quantity Surveying at University of Johannesburg in 2006. He is currently working on his MBA at Henley.

Work Experience

He worked as a Quantity Surveyor (QS) at several different companies (Aveng Grinaker, Bateman Engineering Projects and Protech Kuthele) before starting his own Civil Engineering Contracting Company in 2014 with partner, Bongani Msimango. According to Lungisa, Bongani is unfortunately not an Old Queenian but has great familiarity with this fine institution because he hears about its merits often from his proud Old Queenian business partner.

Their company, Lubocon Civils is successfully expanding at an “alarming” but obviously exciting rate. They are based in Joburg, but work nationwide.


Being such a go-getter at work, Lungisa has no real hobbies; however, he always has time for family. That includes his Queen’s Family: Lungisa can be found at most Queen’s Barbarians rugby matches. He plays touch rugby with a few friends on most Sundays. Additionally, he goes away to the bush or the berg with his wife on weekends. Moreover, he adores his 1-year-old daughter and loving every minute of fatherhood. He is a mountain biker too but since being introduced to the road, I am loving every minute of being on the road bike.


Born way back in the mists of time in 1948 I attended school at the Presbyterian Children’s Home, Queenstown Preparatory School and was in the first intake at Queens Junior under the Headmaster Mr. Norman Brauer. After Junior school I moved up to the Senior School where I matriculated in 1965, and again in 1966! Ostensibly to improve my Matric marks but if the truth be told, an additional year of school sport was rather enticing! The Headmasters during my time were Dr HQ Davies and TW Higgs. From a sporting point of view, I focused on athletics and swimming and in winter captained the illustrious 4th hockey team to two unbeaten seasons. I think I played 4th team because there was no 5th team!

After school I joined the Standard Bank and enjoyed a number of years’ service ultimately being transferred to several small Eastern Cape towns. After a stint in a Building Society in Durban I returned to the Eastern Cape and worked in the motor and motor related industry  and retired after working 20 odd years in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

In 1973 I married Lyn (matriculated at GHS), my school time girlfriend and we have 2 children and 5 granddaughters, all living in Johannesburg.

After living in Port Elizabeth for a number of years we returned to Natal only to come back to East London and finally back to Port Elizabeth, where we currently live.

In my younger days I competed regularly in Off-road Motorcycle Endurance Racing and for nearly 15 years in keel boat sailing and racing on Nelson Mandela Bay. I have completed in excess of 20 ultra-marathons and a whole host of marathons and half-marathons ultimately being attracted to cycling and completed 6 Argus Cycle Tours and a number of Knysna and Herald Cycle Tours.

I became aware of the Jozi to Queenstown 1965 Ride just before the 2nd edition but was unable to source the sponsorship. I immediately commenced looking for sponsorship for the 2013 Edition and was successful and have been able to maintain the same sponsor (Fresenius Kabi) ever since. The idea of cycling from Jozy to Queenstown intrigued me and the cause made the effort worthwhile. The first year I lined up at the Life Hospital Heidelberg on my R 1800.00 hybrid mountain bike and realized that the other cyclist’s shoes cost more than my bike! The next year I lined up with a more respectable Fuji road bike (sourced for me by Tony).

What are the highlights of four 1965Rides? Too many to enumerate but the friendships forged on the road, the never ending climb outside of Lady Brand, the magnificent landscapes of the Free State ridden through slowly on a bike, being escorted into Bethlehem by half a dozen police vehicles with sirens blaring, almost being arrested for cycling through the Free State without a permit, one night in the Zastron Hotel and the ultimate, riding onto the Rec in Queenstown greeted by the Queens, GHS and Hangklip scholars stand out clearly. Were there any low points? Maybe one, the rain and bitter cold on the ride from Frankfort to Reitz last year, but then looking back that too was great fun!

Lyn and I are now both retired and enjoy travelling, community activities, and are active the Addo Elephant National Park Honorary Ranger Cops. I try to ride a couple of days a week, but nothing serious.

See you soon in Heidelberg!

The Support Team

Mike Warren

What the 1965Ride means to me

In 2014 our company Alderson Ambulance was approached to supply a medic for the 1965Ride. And as the current marketing manager I was selected to do the event. I researched the route, what supplies I would need as well as sourced medical back up along the entire route. That was the easy part…. The hard part is trying to imagine my life without this event ever.

What I discovered is a group of cyclists. All unique in their own way, from different parts of the country and different walks of life , united as a family cycling to raise money for underprivileged children to get an education.

The first day I learnt what it’s all about, comraderie.

My function is medical support, I drive behind the cyclists. This includes any medical emergencies along the route or during the evenings. Ensuring the safety of the cyclists off the road at each 20km break point and getting them back safely on the road again. Also safe passage into each town. I also assist wherever I can getting medical and bike supplies and general support wherever I can. And assisting in any of the logistics wherever needed.

Tony asked me what the highlights of the tour are for me …. That is really difficult to answer. As every day I get to be a part of an amazing cause. We are all a family. Every day is a highlight. The basis of the ride is to give underprivileged children a chance at an education and a future, however I come away blessed by learning what teamwork, perseverance, dedication and passion is all about every single day. I have made so many friends with this, true amazing people. The passion and dedication these heroes put in each day is inspirational. But of all the highlights in each day, getting to our destination safe and sound is my main highlight. Apart from the arrival at Kloof Estate for the start and walking up to Tony, his hand out and being told … Great to have you here my friend!

The organisation of the tour that starts straight after one has completed is sensational, the team behind the scenes are amazing. Everything is sorted to the last detail.

Favourite stop over point …. Definitely Cranberry Lodge!

And lowlights …. Only one ….. The drive back to East London when the tour is over for another year.

Every year I come away blessed. Blessed to have been a part of something so amazing, so humbling and filled with emotion and comradeship like nothing I have ever experienced in my career!

The rush of emotions when I lead these cyclists, these heroes into the Rec to a cheering crowd is something that cannot be put into words. Each year the tears flow…. It’s magical.

I urge all to get involved and this is twofold. Number one is what you are doing is for a greater cause ….. Building our country by giving an education to our children. And number two you honestly won’t have more fun, with incredible people seeing our beautiful country whilst making amazing friends for life.

To be the medic each year is such an honour and I am too so passionate about this …. Get involved and let the bug bite. I did!

Mike Warren

ILS Paramedic

Alderson Ambulance