21st March 2019 Blog

12 days and counting! Can’t help feeling excitement, mixed with terror! Last weekend, against the advice of doyen 1965 cyclist, mentor and friend, we did a 70km mountain bike training ride.  His advice at this stage of training was to take it easy, or should I say easier.  Train shorter distances, but faster.  Steer clear … Read more21st March 2019 Blog

8th March 2019 Blog

26 Days! On this International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate and send special thanks to all the woman who contribute to the success of the 1965Ride. This 2019 1965Ride, has nine ladies participating and taking on the grueling 850km from Heidelburg to Queenstown. This is the most lady participants to take part in the history of … Read more8th March 2019 Blog

A 1965Ride Retrospective

It is the Time to Contemplate the 2019 tour! Let’s start with a retrospective: The tour started in 2011 and the demographics of the tour since then looks like this:     CYCLISTS                                            SUPPORT TEAM year Male Female Male Female 2011 4 2 1   2012 7 3 2 2 2013 10 4 3   2014 12 … Read moreA 1965Ride Retrospective